Help crowdfund the Coal Line

My Camberwell friends, I may have a part of the cycle solution (certainly to Millwall, Dagmar) – but we need your help! The Peckham Coal Line is now Crowdfunding through Spacehive. Take part and help this resident-initiated project move one step closer to creating an urban linear park that would connect South London. An oasis of greenery soaring high across the rooftops of Peckham on a disused rail siding. A route as useful as it is beautiful, unlocking dormant Victorian infrastructure to connect neighbourhoods and high streets, and people to work.

More than a park – a vital connection: The 900-meter link will be for walkers and cyclists and will bridge a gap in a wider network of greenways that would run largely traffic free across South Camberwell to Greenland Dock where Sustrans are planning a new bridge to Canary Wharf. The campaign needs to get out to a wider audience so if any of you know of someone who might be interested please forward the website to them.





Wider Networkx

Camberwell Arts 2015: Exhibit your art at Camberwell Open.


It’s 25 days until the 21st Camberwell Arts Festival!

Did you know we are the longest running visual arts festival in the UK?
It is organised by a group of hard-working volunteers who work to seek to promote the arts in this unique area of South-East London, through unveiling emerging talent and collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists, designers and creatives.

We want this year’s Festival to be a feast for the eyes…a feast for the soul…a feast for the stomach!

Running from the 20th-28th June, this year’s festival is FEAST — but it’s not just food — it’s also about celebrating the cultural feast that exists in Camberwell in the form of art, performance and creativity.

The programme is fit to bursting, and has been sent to the printers. We launch on the 1st June, and will be keeping you updated with all of the very latest news, such as…

The Camberwell Open

Last autumn, we gained a whole host of new trustees keen to share their talents. Amongst them was Gita Joshi: a Camberwell resident and art gallery owner ( who felt passionate about the manifesto to celebrate the arts in Camberwell and Camberwell through the arts.

Which why this year, she will be curating an inaugural Open Exhibition for all Camberwell artists whether they are leisure painters, semi-professionals or full time artists. The exhibition will present a snapshot of creative practice from artists based in, or associated with Camberwell.

Artists including students and those who paint or produce art for leisure are encouraged to submit to see their work hung, and on sale, alongside some known names from the art scene. It is set to be a great event, and there will be three prize winners selected by a jury.

Camberwell has several life drawing groups as well as artists’ studios used by full time artists. The exhibition aims to present all of their offerings under one roof so we really can celebrate the gamut of art across Camberwell / SE5.

The exhibition will take place in Camberwell Leisure Centre, Artichoke Place from 5th to 28th June 2015 as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival.

To apply…
Artists need to fill out a simple online form.
A submission fee of £10 per artwork, with up to three submissions from a single artist.
Only 2‑D submissions will be accepted. In the future, we hope to accommodate 3‑D submissions.

We hope you will all dig out your paints, camera, pastels, and pencils and take part.

For more information:  |  @CamberwellArts #CamberwellFeast  | |  CamberwellArtsFestival@​gmail.​com

(Many Thanks to Peter for inviting us to post!)

Lambeth Country Show this weekend

Although strictly not Camberwell I know this weekend is the fabulous Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, SE24.Visited by over 100,000 people it is one of the biggest free outdoor summer events in South East England.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday 11am — 7pm there is music, dance, food, displays, a flower show, farm animals, charity stalls, owls and all sorts of other things all in the heart of inner London.

Further information is on the Lambeth website including the programme of events.

Update (by Peter): Also it’s the College of Arts MA Summer Show this week; it’s open to the public from tomorrow (Wednesday) until Saturday; details here. And huge apologies to Hannah at the CCA for forgetting to tell you all about the private showing.

Update 16/7/2010 There is also the fabulous Urban Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday on Josephine Avenue, SW2 near to Brockwell Park.
London’s largest annual open air contemporary arts fair will have around 2,000 pieces of work on display from 150 local and international artists. As well as art displays there will be foodstalls, refreshments and a sound stage featuring a mix of local musicians. This is the kind of art event I would like to see Camberwell in the future

Bear and hair and unfair

On Friday evening my wife wanted to go out to eat fish, so we took a walk over to the Dark Horse. They only had Salmon on the menu, however, which she didn’t fancy, so we kept on walking to The Bear. We’d been in there for a drink before, but this was the first time we would eat there. I chose Wood Pigeon with lentils and bacon, she went for Trout and peas (with something else that else that escapes me right now). It was pretty tasty. I’d never eaten Wood Pigeon before, and I felt a bit sorry because I think they’re pretty birds; but the weight of millions of years of omnivorous behaviour overcame that guilt.

Verdict on The Bear: Good. Not excellent, but good. An alternative to the Dark Horse if it’s faffy food you’re after. They’ve done a good job on the decor and the staff were attentive, but it’s quite far from my house and didn’t quite have enough to tempt me over there on a regular basis. Nice if you live nearby, though.

Saturday morning, and the sun shining through my bedroom window told me it was time to get the mop cut. So I headed on over to Cube — except, as I approached, I got a rather nasty shock; it isn’t Cube anymore. I began to fear the worst as I got nearer and saw that it’s now called Teamwork, and advertises braiding and other services; could it be that my hairdresser had joined the multitudes of Afro-hairdressers in Camberwell? I needn’t have worried, as the staff and owner haven’t changed; only the name has. Inside it’s the same. I wanted to ask what prompted the change of identity, but my hairdresser was the stern Eastern-European lady who intimidates me into silence. A good haircut, though.

Afterwards I met the wife in the rear courtyard of Seymour Bros, where we basked while enjoying a late breakfast. Then a walk up to Ruskin Park, where we sat and watched the ducks for a while, and noticed that work is going on at the former bowling green; does anyone know if it will be flower beds, or something else? To cap off a capital sunny day in the Capital we went to the Sun & Doves for iced cider in the garden.

On the way home we thought about buying a plant for a friend’s birthday, so stopped in Pesh Flowers. The wooden boards and the medley of aromas makes this one of the nicest places to pass a little time, away from concrete and cars. Unless you have a pollen allergy, I suppose.

And that was my weekend in Camberwell.

As you can’t have failed to notice, the Mayoral elections take place this week. I’ll be voting for Livingstone; not because I’m a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, but because I think he’s done a good job in the last eight(?) years, with some truly bold attempts at sorting out the transport problem. He’s not perfect — which politician is? — but I think he’s better than the alternatives.

Johnson is not a Londoner, and the peak of his experience is running a magazine, not one of the largest and richest cities in the  world. Add to this the fact that his policies don’t add up; there are lots of promises, but few mentions of how they are to be funded or implemented. Paddick suffers from the same problem everywhere except on crime, which he understands better than transport or housing.

On top of this, there’s the fact that I’d love to bloody the nose of the Evening Standard, who have run one of the most negative, biased campaigns I’ve ever seen, against the current mayor. But hey; that’s just me. You go ahead and vote with your conscience. But if you do vote for Johnson and he does get elected, you’re never allowed to make jokes about Americans electing Bush ever again.

Did Major Tom leave the needles in Lucas Gardens?

Been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a post, and there’s lots to talk about. So here’s a whistle-stop dash through what’s happening…

First a bit of a Burgess Park mini-special. Somewhat late, I watched the final episode of BBC series Ashes to Ashes. The location of the explosive key scenes looked familiar to me, and this photograph confirmed that it was, in fact, our very own Park that played host to the scenes of the car bomb. As I passed through the park recently I noticed that the old William the Fourth pub has been transformed, by the use of some meshing, into a work of art (low quality photograph here); also, the area around Chumleigh Gardens is to be landscaped, and there will be a public consultation this Saturday (19th) if you want to get involved.

I haven’t written anything about the informal meet-up a few weekends ago. I have to confess that my poor organisational skills and freakishly nice weather led to it being under-attended compared to previous meetings. So poor, in fact, were my skills, that I forgot to leave an identifier for the members of the Flickr group, which resulted in two disparate groups of people wondering where the others were! Still, thanks to everyone who made the effort, it’s always nice to meet new faces. If you still want to meet your fellow residents, there’s a proposal for a picnic in Burgess Park this Sunday (weather permitting). I may or may not make this one; waiting to hear about something else. There’s also an SE5Forum board meeting on Wednesday, but I’m not sure if that’s public or not.

My contacts at the Cadeleigh told me everything about the raid on the illegal DVD factory; apparently a rival gang phoned police and told them someone in the flat was armed, hence the heavy police presence. Shenley Road and arround was cordoned off for two hours or more. I was at the London Aquarium with my sister’s family, and missed it all. I did get to stroke a ray, however. Oh, the Cadeleigh lot also confirmed the location of the porn studio on McNeil Road. Louie, how did you know all this? Are you a local there too, along with D‑MAN and myself?

Lots of new & refurbed bars and cafes in the area now, as is traditional every spring. How many of them will last until next year? On the subject of development, Councillor Peter John has an update on the Camberwell Grove bridge changes.

I’m feeling a little flu-ey today, so forgive me if I wrap up for now.