Camberwell Arts 2015: Exhibit your art at Camberwell Open.


It’s 25 days until the 21st Camberwell Arts Festival!

Did you know we are the longest running visual arts festival in the UK?
It is organised by a group of hard-working volunteers who work to seek to promote the arts in this unique area of South-East London, through unveiling emerging talent and collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists, designers and creatives.

We want this year’s Festival to be a feast for the eyes…a feast for the soul…a feast for the stomach!

Running from the 20th-28th June, this year’s festival is FEAST — but it’s not just food — it’s also about celebrating the cultural feast that exists in Camberwell in the form of art, performance and creativity.

The programme is fit to bursting, and has been sent to the printers. We launch on the 1st June, and will be keeping you updated with all of the very latest news, such as…

The Camberwell Open

Last autumn, we gained a whole host of new trustees keen to share their talents. Amongst them was Gita Joshi: a Camberwell resident and art gallery owner ( who felt passionate about the manifesto to celebrate the arts in Camberwell and Camberwell through the arts.

Which why this year, she will be curating an inaugural Open Exhibition for all Camberwell artists whether they are leisure painters, semi-professionals or full time artists. The exhibition will present a snapshot of creative practice from artists based in, or associated with Camberwell.

Artists including students and those who paint or produce art for leisure are encouraged to submit to see their work hung, and on sale, alongside some known names from the art scene. It is set to be a great event, and there will be three prize winners selected by a jury.

Camberwell has several life drawing groups as well as artists’ studios used by full time artists. The exhibition aims to present all of their offerings under one roof so we really can celebrate the gamut of art across Camberwell / SE5.

The exhibition will take place in Camberwell Leisure Centre, Artichoke Place from 5th to 28th June 2015 as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival.

To apply…
Artists need to fill out a simple online form.
A submission fee of £10 per artwork, with up to three submissions from a single artist.
Only 2‑D submissions will be accepted. In the future, we hope to accommodate 3‑D submissions.

We hope you will all dig out your paints, camera, pastels, and pencils and take part.

For more information:  |  @CamberwellArts #CamberwellFeast  | |  CamberwellArtsFestival@​gmail.​com

(Many Thanks to Peter for inviting us to post!)

We Are Loughborough Junction

Portrait in the We Are Loughborough Junction Exhibition

Hello all, my name is Joe and I have previously written a post on this blog and am delighted that Peter considers me up to the job and has allowed me back to make a further contribute during his absence.

On Saturday I went to see  We Are Loughborough Junction, an exhibition of black and white portraits of Loughborough Junction residents taken by local photographer Conor Masterson. What made this particular exhibition different to most is that the images are displayed outdoors on the sides of houses, on railings and for sale sign boards around the local area.

There are a total of 169 portraits in all, I managed to see 167 as 2 of the photos had been removed by over zealous security guards from a derelict site on Coldharbour Lane who were unaware that the event was taking place. The size of the portraits vary from 16 inches (40cm) to around 8 feet (2.5 metres), some containing individuals and some containing families or groups.

I happen to know Conor but I don’t think I’m being biased in saying that the photographs in the show are fantastic and, for me at least, the project was a real success in terms of concept and execution. Viewing the portraits on the streets made them not only accessible but much more resonant than if they had been hung in a gallery.

I thought this was a really exciting community project  and thanks should be extended to all involved including Paul Adlam, Matt Matterson as well as Conor along with the Loughborough Junction Action Group and SE5 Forum and The Sun & Doves for providing the maps.

We Are Loughborough Junction Portraits

You can still see the photos which will remain on display until this Friday, 19th of February. I’d recommend printing out a map of the exhibition route although you may have to hurry as, according to Conor, 3 pictures have been removed or stolen.

It’s a busy week for the Arts in Loughborough Junction as Friday also sees the opening of the new Whirled Cinema which, according to their website, is a 60 seat cinema featuring HD projection and surround sound, along with a fully licensed bar and even an outdoor balcony.

The South London Press is also reporting that there is to be an investigation into the three huge fires in Camberwell and Peckham in the last 8 months. According to the BBC the investigation into the Lakanal House fire will not be complete for two years.

On a personal note I’m really looking forward to the opening of The Tiger (formerly the Silver Buckle) on the 25th. Having patronised The Sun & Doves, The Hermits Cave, The Joiners Arms and The Grand Union at the weekend as well as The Phoenix, The Castle, Le Petit Parisien and The George Canning in the last couple of weeks I’ll be well qualified to offer a comparison of local boozers.