Farmers’ Market on Camberwell Green — Om Nom Nom

According to the Urban Farmers’ Markets website, a new market will open on Camberwell Green ‘later this year’. This is good news, although I do wonder whether we can support markets in Oval, Peckham, Elephant, and now Camberwell too. Hope so.

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  1. Yes there was a report in Southwark News last week about the review of markets carried out by the council. The review recommended the council investigate instigating a street market and an art market in Camberwell so hopefully thsi along with the farmers market will bring development of Camberwell town centre

  2. A walk-distance farmer’s market is what farmer’s market folk want. What kind of fart? Ghastly arse-fart art for vegetarians, probably.

    The Elephant to Hollywood is out today, Michael Caine’s autobiography following his 1992 “What’s It All About?”

  3. Caine was on Front row last night. He went for the James Booth part in Zulu orginally, before being offered Bromhead.

  4. A Camberwell arts, crafts and farm produce market has been on the back burner for a long time. Years. SE5 Forum was behind two pilots on Camberwell Green. Forward movement with it got gobbled up in Southwark stuff ages ago. Now there’s a new administration perhaps past plans are being revisited.

    Jim Hart’s Gemini played last Friday at the Crypt, as highlighted by Ben Gatt. They were, as always, great:

    Tomorrow’s gig is Martin Speake Group. Give it a go…

  5. Great blue-brown clouds of foul gut-gas, billowing over roads and roofs, creeping, aye, like a stealthy stray cat at dusk round the corners of the alleys in the shadows of old Camberwell.

  6. Dagmar

    I thought you were refering to the after effects of a full English breakfast at Rock Steady Eddies 😉

    Has anybody been there recently?

    If I’m too lazy to do my own, I go to Johnnie’s Cafe — The refurbishment of that place has been quite spectacular…has the owner won the lottery or something?…not sure about the yellow bricks enclosing the patio out front — hopefully he can pull it back from the brink…

    After a very promising start it appears as if things are starting to get a little over-elaborate!

  7. I went to Rock Steady Eddie’s once after a recommendation on here; it was *revolting*. Filthy place, leathery & unpleasant food. I’d taken some friends there, and I was enormously embarrassed. Never again.

  8. @eusebiovic. Hilarious! Thanks. Agree Sonny’s losing it with the improvised Texan ranch porch out front. I like indoors though and although some people tell me Jungle Grill is better, for me it’s Johnnie’s Best.

    I went to Eddies. Once. When we were refurbishing The Sun and Doves. Was this time of year fifteen years ago. Eddie was on the floor then. Like a Turn at a working men’s club. It was difficult enough to swallow the food already and he kept barging into our conversation with weird interjections about his posture, doing exaggerated body builder poses, and talking in riddles I couldn’t begin to be bothered to even try to understand. He seemed to be trying to impress and freak us out at the same time. It sort of worked now I think about it. Never went back. Always wave to his brother Sollie though, when I walk by.

  9. There’s this tonight (Friday 1 October):

    “You cant ask for a much more perfect marriage between tradition and modernity than this collection of standards played by the swingingest cool-school band Ive heard in years. Speake’s alto saxophone sound triangulates Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman and Paul Desmond.”

    Phil Johnson, Independent on Sunday

    Martin Speake Group at

  10. Is there any way to remove that weird bit about the petition from the new camberwell crypt site? Or at least contain it in the about or some news section? It looks very unprofessional and is the first thing one sees when getting to the site. I say this because I wanted to send a link to the site to my manager who is a jazz aficionado but stopped myself as he wouldn’t be very impressed with that bit of dirty laundry and also it’s information completely irrelevent to him (being someone not on this blog or living in camberwell).

    As the kids say it’s ‘way TMI’.

  11. Blimey, Rosey, it’s gone. You people-powered it. That weird bit contained a new word, “nuture”, which is one of those fashionable portmanteau words like “chillax”. It means the future, the “nu” future. David Cameron, a Miliband or Clegg might say:

    “You know, look, come on, we’re offering a nuture for everyone. The unemployed, they can go to the ping-pong tables in the park in the pouring rain. There are no bats or balls, but they can play, OK?”

    Thus men march from Jarrow, the rain dripping down from the peaks of their flat caps onto their boots, to play air ping-pong in the parks of the capital.

    Less sombrely, the new show opened at the South London Gallery last night. It’s good, better than the previous one. Text-based stuff always falls a bit flatulent.

    An art car by Daisy Delaney was parked outside, designed for the Tate Liverpool biennial. It was a real street-racing rorty Mitsubishi Lancer, farting out a real animal roar from its cloacal tailpipe. Nice.

  12. @Dagmar — you do seem quite preoccupied with bottom-burps recently. Is there something you need to tell us?
    Camberwell in the news today with another shooting. *sigh*.

  13. There are some remarkable flatulists in Camberwell. A new cafe has opened opposite the BP garage on the Peckham Road.

  14. @St Giles: My uncle’s Flatualter Scale, developed through extensive research and feedback during tea breaks whilst On the Tools in the 1940’s, accommodates all comers:


    Fizzy Fob




    @Rosey: Thanks for that. The notice was on the site for a few days only. Fact is — quite evidently — hundreds of people believe that jazz is no longer being played at the Crypt. Or that the Crypt has been closed by the new management. Paradoxical but true. They have been led to believe that through being given misinformation.

    There was WAY Too Much Misinformation.

    Paaaarrppp! ffphhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  15. Apropos Zappa : Jazz at the Crypt isn’t dead… it just smells a bit funny.

    I signed the petition to reinstate JU at the crypt. which can be found at . The is nothing on it attempting to misinform anyone. The comments written reflect that hundreds of people really understand the petition as an appeal to the injustice of JU’s eviction, and many touching and thoughtful comments about the jazz, the vibe, and the people that built the club up. Also many comments expressed genuine concern about the motivations of the new management and the potential damage that could be caused by interfering with what was a good jazz club

    Unfortunately I see that JU have had to temporarily conceal the comments, because Mark Dodds has been spamming it. Mark : if you don’t agree with the petition don’t sign it!, please allow everyone else their own opinions.

    Tonight at The Petit Parisien, The brilliant Gareth Lockraine is playing. Lucky Camberwell.

  16. Ben Gatt@

    I just don’t know what your problem is…

    Well I can suspect but I’ll keep that one to myself…

    As Peter is always and forever telling us

    “Do not feed the Trolls!”


  17. There is a fab bike workshop — a workshop where they fix bikes and teach how to do it — opposite the Green on Camberwell Road, Mondays only, 3–6pm but going on longer. They sort of have a magic touch when sorting your bike out, amazing. No charge, donations only.

  18. @Ban Gatt — I’m not looking for a fight here, but I do think you are being a little short sighted when it comes to the misinformation being published by JazzLive. On the front page of their website it reads…


    If I read that, I would surely think there was no more jazz on Fridays at the Crypt. They have not moved “Jazzlive@thecrypt” to the Petit Parisien, but “Jazzlive” the former promoters at the Crypt, are no longer promoting the Crypt, instead they are promoting jazz at the Petit Parisien. There’s a big difference, and one that visitors to their site, who might have no insight as to the happenings, could not be expected to decipher. If they then go to the petition, it says a “pub company” has taken over the operation. As far as I can tell, this is a bit of a white lie too, as I believe two of the new team have a separate business that is a pub, but that it is not tied to the Crypt in any way, and the other member is a jazz musician. This doesn’t make them a pub company. Many of the comments on the petition clearly indicated people thought the venue was lost, closed, kaput. It’s as if jazzlive intentionally want to damage the gig attendance now that they have lost it, even though the success of jazz gigs throughout the area, could only be mutually beneficial.

    I was down there on Friday, and it was a very poor turnout and so I spoke with one of the new management team and to a couple of the band members. It was absolutely clear to them that people are misinformed about what is happening there. One band member said he didn’t think his gig was happening after looking at the Jazzlive website on Thursday, as it looked to him like the venue had closed, and he had to phone the bandleader to check it was on. He also said that this was the most publicity he had seen for the venue in a decade, and it’s negative. I think it’s a shame that jazzlive didn’t produce this level of marketing/effort when they were still in the venue… maybe then they might have avoided this situation in the first place.

    I think this venue needs positive publicity right now to inform people of what the situation really is, rather than all this negative campaigning, to ensure the musicians who rely on playing there still have an audience. After all, aren’t they the reason this place exists?

  19. That’s good to know. Get help to fix your own bikes. People powered by the community!

    Riding around on a Boris Bike is so embarrassing.

    Alan, no need to continue with the application. Could you instead make sure there are enough community bike mechanics around to help out the noobs?


  20. On second thoughts, I still need a way to get home after a few drinks up in town.

    Maybe we do need subsidized cycle hire after all.

  21. Has anybody seen one of those really strange looking cycle buses?

    From what I can see…It’s a cycling contraption which looks like it’s made for 10–12 people…who face each other like the long seats in a tube carriage — and whilst peddling they can listen to music and I think drink too…and there is a chap at the front who manoevres the whole contraption — presumably he is sober…


  22. Yeah, I saw one in Shoreditch recently. It was pumping out some awful music and everyone was drinking and cheering and pedalling. It was weird.

  23. @jerry

    Here’s that rainy day, again
    Steve Corbett, Mark dodds, Nicky Francey. That’s 3, or Nicky you just there to do the cleaning?
    thats a company of publicans or I’m an alto player.

    Reintroducing the beleaguered John Hoare the one musician in the SKOB constellation. Hasn’t he suffered enough already at Jmark’s hands running the ill fated, underpaid music nights at the Sun and Doves. You reckon its going to be better this time John?, What you up to?.

    Musicians know stuff, can’t be in JU’s interests to close the club down, It was their baby + probably just don’t want it to be strangled . Says as much on their website

    Not great this takeover. Crypt was always packed before, didn’t need nu condem strategies and nu media campaigns to find an audience.
    Still, better looking candles normally = a price hike in bar prices + tickets + lowering of musicians fees. story sounds familiar enough.

    @ben gatt you heard Zappa reading Burrough’s “talking arse”?.

    rude old man.

  24. At the risk of feeding the flames (I’m getting as bored of this as everyone else) a lot of people — friends of mine included — were (and still are) under the impression that Jazz at the Crypt ended, due to the email that was sent out to all the subscribers on the Jazz Live mailing list. If they genuinely care about the bands ‘they booked’ getting paid, it would be in their best interests to clear up that misunderstanding, wouldn’t it?

  25. @eusebiovic

    Saw one of those contraptions in Vilnius many years ago — very popular with stag parties (no, not on one!) apparently — idea is to get as pi**sed as possible while pretending to sight-see.

  26. Johnny Edgecombe died recently, the jazz promoter from Antigua “who fired the shots that started the Profumo affair”. His story is in the Guardian obit. He was an interesting character, quite unusual for the jazz world. “I am not a black man,” he said. “I am a man who is black.” He has loads of such sayings, the obit says.

    He reckoned his relationship with Christine Keeler was too much for the times. His published account of the whole thing must be worth a look. He didn’t like the version of himself in the film “Scandal”, so wrote his own not long ago.

    Probably, “Made in Dagenham” could well rip off the truth of events there, too, to powder the fluffery of campy media doo-dah over the Bennite simplicity of the simple sword of truth.

    In Greenwich Park, the stags are calling for the rutting season to start. “A deer is a mummy and a reindeer is a daddy,” says a Dagmarette over the explanation of the reproduction process.

    Over by the Royal Naval College, Johnny Depp is expected. The long filming continues for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. There are whole real roads of mud and loads of extras in period gear. It’s been going on for weeks.

    Thank God the gricers aren’t bickering here, Peter! They are right bitches!

  27. A good few suggestions for getting back from town after a few drinks. They each have an an appeal, but…

    Cycle bus — you’d need to be a community organiser just to nip off to the shops. Prob not for me.

    Tricycle — nice idea, it would help with uprightness. But isn’t it a bit like roller blades are to real skaters?

    Horse — hmm, I had considered that. Someone keeps a horse over to the other side of Burgess Park. Not for me though.

    Re: “Made in Dagenham” — Anyone seen it? Is it any good? I have heard it is.

  28. I used the London Overground Tube to visit some friends in Dalston Junction yesterday.

    I was impressed — Can’t wait until they extend it through to Clapham Junction and it stops at Denmark Hill. I had to get a P4 to Honor Oak Station and then got a train from there…

    Not sure the majority of Camberwellians have realised just how useful this is going to be for us — YET


  29. you’re more than welcome — a few cyclists who tried tricycling on my one found it really strange, guess it takes some getting used to

  30. Denmark Hill this morning saw a Range Rover hammering up the hill past the hospital accompanied by a couple of Police outriders. This is the second time in a few months I’ve witnessed this. Anyone know who’s the VIP? Have Charles and Camilla moved to Tulse Hill. Or is it Harriet Harman’s Ocado delivery. I need to know.

  31. Gabe

    i suggest the best way to get home after a few drinks is walk, bus or taxi.

    Quite rightly the rules for being drunk in charge of a bicycle are the same as that for a motor vehicle. The Licensing Act 1872 makes it an offence to be drunk in charge of a bicycle (or any other vehicle or carriage) on a highway or in a public place.

    This also includes being drunk in charge of a horse I believe. I have been stopped for this when I was 20 but thankfully not charged!

    Can the Jazz Spat stop now it is dull…

  32. @Florian — the quickest route from Westminster to Biggin Hill airport takes you up Denmark Hill, down Red Post Hill and through Dulwich…
    @Gabe — Made in Dagenham is a nice feel good film.

  33. Florian, that’s Andrew.

    This is such a brilliant year for Liberty Cap mushrooms. They are everywhere wherever there is a scrap of land round here.

  34. @Gnomee
    “This also includes being drunk in charge of a horse I believe. I have been stopped for this when I was 20 but thankfully not charged”

    Do elaborate.

  35. A few days now of warm weather — the Liberty Cap mushrooms will probably march on Parliament. There have been few autumns in Camberwell as bountiful as this one — apples and such everywhere on the ground.

  36. Yes, it’s good, the season of mists and fruitfulness and all that jazz. Pregnant women look so appropriate at this time of year.

    Battersea Park Road has some nattily named shops and restaurants” “Pizza Experts” (with a picture of Big Ben), “Feedwell Cafe”. There is a sort of interesting book called “The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment” by a woman who should really live in Camberwell.

    Coming back from a semi-awayday in Battersea, it is clear that Camberwell is divided into quarters at its crossroads and is mysteriously not a place at all.

    As the autumn mist says, there is more to this than you can see.

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