Farmers’ Market on Camberwell Green — Om Nom Nom

According to the Urban Farmers’ Markets website, a new market will open on Camberwell Green ‘later this year’. This is good news, although I do wonder whether we can support markets in Oval, Peckham, Elephant, and now Camberwell too. Hope so.

Camberwlle onilne

From the bus on the way home I’ve seen the latest outrage to be committed against Camberwell: the sign for the new Oriental buffet, where Mozzarella e Pomodoro used to be.

Now the Green is dominated by a huge, cheap, bright plastic sign, with the name of the place flanked by pale, unappetising shots of bowls of food. Worse, the name is spelled:


Honestly. A garish, mis-spelled monster. Doesn’t the council get any say in approving this tat? Why can’t we have a town centre committee to consult on things like this? As if Christine’s Meat & Fish weren’t enough.

We’re doomed.

Update: And here, courtesy of Luke & Rachel, it is:

Anyone for Noodels?