Camberwell New Years Eve 2010–2011

New Years Eve in Camberwell 2010

After, I hope, what was a happy Camberwell Christmas our thoughts turn to New Years Eve in SE5.

Walking around the area today there werent a great number of posters up giving details of New Years Eve events in Camberwell pubs so I turned to online searching

I found
The Sun and Doves has the South London Jazz Orchestra and a DJ

The Cambria Arms is having a glamorous Blond or Bond party over two floors — tickets are £5 available from the bar

Planet Nollywood has Chilean music and entertainment

The Recreation Ground and Tiger both have DJs.

Other Camberwell pubs such as Amarylis, the Bear, Black Sheep, Fox on the Hill, George Canning, Grand Union, Hermits Cave, Hoopers, Joiners Arms, Old Dispensary, Petit Parisien, Phoenix and Union Tavern (all located around Camberwell Green/ New Road/ Denmark Hill) as far as I know dont have special events on but will be open as usual to see in 2011. If you know of any other events please post below.

I hope we have a happy Camberwell new year!

6 thoughts on “Camberwell New Years Eve 2010–2011”

  1. Does anyone know if any of the good breakfast places will be open on New Year’s Day, like johanssons or that one at the South London Gallery.
    I won’t hold my breath.…

    PS planning on popping in to the Bear tonight, although there were no menus or posters or anything in the windows as I walked past this morning, I hope it is open as you say Peter? <sorry meant Mumu as I just saw who wrote that post

  2. Genfink — Johansonns is definitely closed. I walked by today and it’s shut til 4th. No idea on the others tho.…

  3. Happy New Year Camberwell!!

    Does anyone know if any of the local restaurants will be open for dinner on the evening of New Year’s day? Maybe Caravaggio or the Tiger?

  4. A Happy New Year Indeed!

    That was the BEST New Year’s Eve we’ve ever had! Thanks to everyonw who came and to SLJO and all the staff.

    Know nothing about the availability of breakfast this morning or of dinner this evening other than the Sun and Doves is closed for recuperation and reflection and open again for Sunday lunch and beyond;

    It’s going to be different in 2011

  5. Q a crowd for NYE in Ruskin Park. A good view of the fireworks indeed. As if the trees had been pruned back to make a gap to see them.

    It seems unlikely that all those people knew that it’d be a good spot without some of them hearing about it here. Bless this site and happy 2011.

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