Camberwell Christmas

And so another week closer to Christmas and the Christmas spirit is beginning to lift off — I got my tree from Crusons the other day and I starting to think about doing some Christmas shopping — does anyone have any top tips for Camberwell Christmas buys?

If religion is your thing there are likely to be carol services on in the Camberwell churches (or certainly the more ‘conventional’ Church of England churches) this Sunday late afternoon. The beauty of the carols as we head towards a snowy (?) Camberwell Christmas…

Has anyone been to the new Indian Cinnamon on Church St? It seems to be in the location where Four t Four was (44 Church St) — I went to have a look last weekend and it had the shutters down in the day so I couldnt work out if it was a proper restaurant as well as a takeaway — all I could find online is

In other news Camberwell musician Captain Ska is to release a single Liar Liar! which they want to get to Christmas number 1 — see or interview in the New Statesman or follow him on Twitter

And finally news-wise architects Emrys are talking about their plans for Camberwell New Road

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  1. Pesh have a beautiful window display with festive flower arrangements, which would make a lovely gift. Or get the Captain ska cd and help it get to number one!

  2. I see the application for the Camberwell New Road development was passed at the end of November —

    I cant work out what the difference is between the application that was passed and the previous one (made maybe 2 years ago? and discussed on this site)which was I thought rejected because of the conservation area status

  3. Captain Ska deserves your pound and more. Liar liar could just as easily apply to Simon Hughes who sat on the fence on tuition fees and has gone to ground while Southwark and Lambeth have been bleed dry by the Coalition on government funding for local services. Southwark residents look forward to seeing Hughes on top of the bonfire come next Guy Fawkes night.

  4. The Filthy Six; were GREAT tonight at the Crypt.

    I put this on EMRYS’ website:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well presented article. Interested to know what EMRYS is thinking aboout the wider regeneration of the area and how your activities on Camberwell New Road will be integrated with other nearby developments. The significant Job Centre site planning application is waiting around for approval and Gala Bingo on Camberwell New Road has had a lot of attention during 2010 since an evangelical church bought the site intending to make it into a place of worship. How do these developments fit with your outlook on Camberwell?

    Do you know Camberwell beyond Mosiac and demographic profiling? What kind of effective consultation have you been able to do on this project? Who have you talked to? Which local community groups have helped you define the end product? What kind of dialogue do you have with Southwark Planning Department who are widely held to be remote and completely unaware of the desires and aspirations of any Camberwell local community? Who is your target audience for the retail units? – both in your aspirations of who to let to and who you expect their customers will be?

    35,000sq ft is quite a chunk of development. What is the extent of your section 106 obligation here? Who has been liasing with you on where the money should go?

    What do you envisage doing beyond a new build that aims to satisfy a need to make a financial return? What sort of social capital have you been putting into this project for its long term benefit?

    Would you consider a Development Trust to be an appropriate mechanism for driving regeneration in this area?

    Just a thought. And by the way Dagmar, it’s after work not after being silly.

    News is that tomorrow is the last night of Funky Munky and that The Hermit’s redecoration is heading on apace…

  5. “You are never to fancy!”

    he told young Sissy Jupe.

    “Fact, fact, fact!” Gradgrind repeated, a man wedded to the pursuit of profitable enterprise.


    Ding dong
    the bells
    gong on
    about snow
    in the
    holy land
    a flake
    for every
    grain of sand
    all the way
    to Samarkand.

    Three wise
    shuffle across
    the desert
    about the
    cold weather
    they were in
    old town

    where they’ve
    gunned ’em
    on the streets
    of south London

    Above the graveyard
    of St Giles
    the full moon rises
    and ghostlily smiles
    on those
    who sleep below
    they always doze
    when there’s snow.

    They dream of sheep
    white and woolly
    against the black
    counting them all out
    counting them all back.

    Tonight the moon
    has a full eclipse
    the first time
    on the solstice
    for 456 years
    very queer.

    Enjoy the day
    while it’s here
    there’s plenty of
    for strife
    and tears.

    The Labour Party
    Christmas card
    has his
    Camberwell carrot
    on his face
    not in the
    right place
    very silly!

  7. OH MY GOD. It’s a Christmas miracle. I thought it’d never happen. How could it happen?

    Yes, they’ve redecorated The Hermits.

    Gone, for now, are those crap photos of Camberwell by night. Gone are the stained walls.

  8. It was in need of a facelift, but I hope they haven’t gone too far with it; most of the Hermits’ attraction lies in its unpretentiousness.

  9. There was a magazine advertisement for Watneys when they were taking over corner pubs in the 1960s, with a photograph of an old pub interior and a headline that ran something like, “Bare floorboards, sawdust, smokey oil lamp, what this pub needs is leaving alone.”

  10. I fear they’ve overdone it Peter. The walls looked very white. I guess it’s not finished yet but it was all a bit stark.

  11. I LOVE the Hermits. I have a couple of pics of the bar during redecoration and some well, a lot, of Camberwell (and Peckham) during the snow. Not been able to upload anything for a while because my computing thingies have been damaged.

    Will be trying in the next few days. Before Christmas…

  12. Why does no one listen to me when it comes to pubs and what’s happening to them? Peter put a Tweet: “Contrary to reports, The George Canning is open. Not sure if it’s changed manager. 3 hrs ago”

    The George Canning being open is NOT contrary to reports of its closing — because it was closed (reports which came from me by the way) NO it’s that the George Canning is open AGAIN — because Enterprise, the wholly useless pubco who own the property, have put a ‘holding company’ in there so that it’s trading while they get around to marketing the lease to yet another sucker who’ll lose their shirt on it too.

    Basically there’s someone in there to keep it open who’s being paid to be there as it continues to lose loads of cash.

  13. It’s not that I doubt your insider knowledge, Mark; I was just letting people know that the Canning is open, because I’d previously said that it was closed. The reports I was contradicting were my own. Anyway, it was practically empty when I went past at 8pm, and apparently closed by 10.

  14. They put up a sign blaming the closure on plumbing or something.

    Interesting that it is another genuine failure.

    Where’s the best place to go for a Christmas Eve pint tonight?

  15. Peter. Sorry, you know I’m touchy. It’s a tied pub thing. Still, the Fair Pint Campaign got them running; the pubcos that is.

    As for tonight in Camberwell even the seniors of The Sun and Doves are making a visit to The Hermits. I, regrettably however am ensconced in Convento do Espinheiro, a former nun’s home, near Évora in central eastern Portugal which is too expensive for me to afford a round of drinks let alone a toasted sandwich. Carols at 6pm tour of the wine cellar with sommelier at 7pm and dinner with extended family, following a beta blocker, at 8pm. No doubt a night to remember but one, frankly, I’d rather be spending at home in Camberwell with close friends.

    Do not berate me uncle Jes. I have a Happy Christmas card to upload but have a problem transferring it to the puter. Will try that later in a moment…

    In case you didn’t know, there’s a thread on ED Forum for what’s on on NYE in the local area. Seems like quite a lot. Me? I’ll be back to the smoke for New Year’s Eve and SLJO at S&D though.

  16. had my own christmas experience in butterfly walk yesterday morning when santa himself came to help me out at the self service checkout in morrisons — he certainly knew his way around that touch screen and had me bagging again in no time — thanks santa!

  17. Finally got round to putting up a set of Camberwell — and Peckham — in the snow. Snow brings out the best in Camberwell, even more so than does the sun; a squint here and there and you can see what Camberwell really could be given half a chance.

    The marvellously atmospheric shots of a Hermit’s Cave without wallpaper are lurking on a hard drive still.

    I believe WE are doing rather well in cricket down under; ‘Made My Day’ (that was Christmas day by the way) for someone I know. Perhaps looking closer to home for day making might make more days better for everyone eh?

    At this time of reconciliation and peace making here are enough olive branches for everyone:

  18. J Mark Dodds

    Nice photos…I greatly approve! — Thanks

    Camberwell as a place is rather like my favorite football team West Ham United.

    Endless potential to be much better than the current sum of it’s parts but never allowed to be fully realized due to decades of under-investment, incompetence and downright stupidity!


  19. Alan Dale/Phil G

    I live around the corner from Ruskin Park…It’s a great viewpoint to see the New Year celebrations…

    Never crowded, you might get the odd family who bring out the mulled wine too…

    As happened last year when I was offered some 😉

  20. Your reference to Cinnamon. Yum yum.

    Found ourselves needing a takeaway for ten people just before restaurant closing time and they came up trumps.

    It feels like the Marie Celeste — I’ve never seen more than two or three people in there — but the food is much better than I expected, and on a par with Safa.

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