Revitalise Camberwell event on the Green today

I have just come back from an excellent breakfast at Johannsons and walking across Camberwell Green was interested to see the Revitalise Camberwell bus — head down there before 4pm this afternoon and you too can be involved in a consultation on the future of Camberwell.

The Revitalise Camberwell team from Southwark Council are consulting local residents about the local area and improvements. When consulted I told them of the improvements I wanted to see in the local area — in terms of transport, community facilities, town centre development etc etc which I’m sure we could all reel off easily having been, it seems, consulted many times over the past five years. I hope that this time the consultation will lead in improvements actually being made to the area. We need consultation thats leads to action.



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  1. Yes, I did mention to the people organising the event and suggested that they advertise on here. However, only the “comms team” are authorised to advertise and publicise on this website!

    There were some good questions though. Let us see what becomes of it.

  2. we publicised it as soon as we got information from southwark council, which was days after half of the ‘revitalise camberwell events’ had already taken place.

    and i really have to ask people to stop using the ‘southwark council has consulted’ oxymoron as what has been happening & sadly continues to, verges on the offensive. the only real ‘consultation’ (where things get decided) is only ever behind the closed doors, with perhaps a handful of token ‘community representatives’.

    in the last five years, there has been no open discussion with people living in camberwell on anything. not on burgess park. not on housing. not on employment/education needs and aspirations. not on community needs and aspirations. not on the camberwell library let alone the camberwell orchard. and finally, most certainly not on transport.

  3. Norman will get his way. Nothing will come of it. That is the way. It’s not just a Southwark thing; it’s our culture.

    The town hall is empty now, what’s happening to the town hall? NOTHING useful for local people no doubt; Nothing along the lines of aiming to sort out all the asset based things lacking locally that have been flagged up over the last 20 years that Camberwell REALLY NEEDS? No doubt. NO. There’s no money so there’s no point even thinking like that is there. No. No there’s no point. Sell it off. Get some cash in toward paying rent on Tooley Street.

    Consultation leads to awkward choices having to be made. Much easier not to do anything but pretend you did. It always works.

    Lyndhurst School Fair was lovelier than ever this year. Shame I missed Alan Dale. Saw Dagmar though eh?

  4. I noticed something that has happened to me since the pub shut is that I’m getting a life for the first time in god knows how long. Several friends have invited me over to dinner — and I’ve actually gone.

    And I’ve been out and enjoyed myself without being distracted by fear/anger/loathing. It’s a whole new experience.

    Was invited to Pull the Other One and had a great time just sitting there in the audience enjoying it. THIS man was so funny I laughed so much my jaw and neck and back and belly were hurting during his performance. Fortunately the act stopped just as I was becoming concerned for my health. The whole room was in fits.

  5. If only Boris Johnson had talked up the Cross-River Tram over the last few years rather than dismissing it, then perhaps it would have got funding today from the new infrastructure plan.

    OK, the list of projects hasn’t actually been announced yet, but I’m sure the transport needs of Camberwell and Peckham and the wider-benefits to central London will have been overlooked.

  6. Kids have got a free day off school. Bargain. Wednesday is homework day as well, so it’s a double win.

    London was very quiet this morning. I ride past 5 or 6 schools between home and the river. All of them were closed.

    I like the new Michael Faraday school on Portland Street. A Will Allsop design apparently.


    10.15 am Tuesday 6 December 2011. Wilson Room; Portcullis House.

    Following the whitewash response by government deciding that no action other than self regulation should be taken against the behaviour of pubco’s in forcing the closure of thousands of pubs through over renting and over charging for products they supply; Adrian Bailey, chair of the BIS Select Committee, has called a further evidence session, the only witness being Ed Davey the Govt Minister who made the decision and gave the useless ineffective response.

    Many MP’s are very displeased with the outcome and particularly select committee members. They want to put Dirty Davey on the spot and establish why, after a 7 years and 4 inquiries at huge tax payers expense, Govt has swept aside their in-depth findings and their recommendations and instead come up with a half baked inadequate plan after asking BBPA and BII what they think should happen.

    The hearing is 10.30 on Tuesday 6 December — details below. The IPC steering group will be at the hearing, members of Fair Pint and other well informed representative groups. It would be great we could have another good turnout like the last and it would be great if YOU all can come to this hearing. We have to make it clear there is a strength of feeling and dissatisfaction among tenants and consumers that shakes the Democratic foundations of government.

    The meeting is in the Wilson Room at Portcullis House (the ugly new building on the opposite side of Westminster Bridge road to Big Ben) the entrance faces the Thames. It’s a similar deal to last time, a revolving door, security/photo and pass.

    When you get through security there’s a reception desk; tell them where you need to go and they will direct you through the double doors behind the desk and up the stairs. Queues can be long. Come at least 15 minutes early.

  8. Local pubs are important depositories of chronically housed men with their beer-leveraged fantasies, playground-based humour, whiff of eau de testosterone and their competitive-edged nattering.

    This is why politically correct market forces are closing them down.

  9. I do think that the lease arrangements landlords get into with pubcos are similar to advanced fee frauds where people routinely lose their savings chasing unrealistic ideas of wealth.

    It’s most obvious when the same sites fail repeatedly and still people line up to have a go. How many coats of paint will it take to make the Canning profitable?

  10. Popped into the Hermit early evening last night for a solitary pint while waiting for some dry-cleaning to be ready to collect. Some regulars there, rubbing shoulders with decantees from the registry office in wedding gear. The Hermit has a timeless quality about it (in a good way!).

  11. Not the registry office but St. Giles. It would have been rude not to stop off for a quick drink in Hermit’s before the melee of the reception.

    It was the only time we got to ourselves all day.

  12. @ J Mark Dodds

    I think the location of the George Canning means that the rent charged for the premises is completely unrealistic. A one price fits all rent dictated by the market is wrong — macro economics are required here — as well as the removal of pub-tie for overpriced stock which you have always mentioned!

    Macro economics doesn’t just apply to the pub sector but also to allow independent business to thrive in town centres and prevent them being overrun by betting shops,junk food outlets & off licences. A pub is a much more healthy, civilised, environment of social interaction to have a drink, something to eat — maybe some film or music — rather then to allow people to buy 6 cans of highly processed industrial lager for £5. — Because that stuff is really healthy…

    But of course government isn’t allowed to make this happen despite their lip service to the contrary!

    A sad state of affairs — I’m off to read the latest Noam Chomsky book — (puts on tin hat and waits for accusations of being a communist)

    Thank you all

    I drink my tea

  13. It was the only time we got to ourselves all day.

    So, Monkeycat, am I correct in taking that to mean you and JC got married on Saturday? If so, many congratulations to you both.

  14. @Monkeycat

    Congratulations!…if the sharp-eyed observation made by James J indeed proves to be correct!

  15. Situationists!

    You will surely have been glued to your crystal radios last Sunday evening to listen to an interesting programme about situationists.

    This programme will help anyone find their way round Camberwell in a completely new way.

    Do not be put off by the presence of Will Self, ever stumbling over every word to appear cleverer and cleverer on his “journey” up Mount Cleverest; nor of Iain Sinclair with his cruise-control prose. Being a situationist is not about winning the Prize for English. It’s far more important than that.

    Best of all, anyone can be a situationist. In the coming austerity, this hobby, like making crystal radios, may well become very popular.

  16. You just turn up — situate yourself — some would say “locate” yourself — and get on with it. With what, is up to you. Many of us think it should become an Olympic event for 2012.

    The podium would be crowded with situationists holding onto each other’s threadbare coats, clutching their notebooks and hip flasks containing creme de menthe, puffing on Gitanes, blinking at the crowd through their pebble lenses and wondering where on earth they are…

  17. Today Ed Davey embarrassed himself in front of a lot of disgusted people in the Wilson room at Portcullis House. Well done Ed.

    If I didn’t know better I’d swear he was paid. Like those cricketers were, to rig the match. They ended up in jail and fined. Ed just walked off looking slightly uncomfortable, having appeared to have lied to the Select Committee and the audience.

    I take full responsibility for stating that fact.

  18. I see that today the last of the bendie buses has gone from the streets of London and the new Boris buses are on the road next week.

    The new bus is a hybrid electric diesel that does 11.6 MPG as opposed to the killer bendies 4.5.

    Thats gotta be a good thing.

  19. No dispute about them being more energy efficient and less polluting, but I’d love to know where you get the ‘killer’ epithet from. Now, I can’t find figures any more recent than 2008, but at that time the bendies had caused no fatalities on London roads. Specifically in regards to cyclists (remember Boris’ claim that bendy buses “wipe out” cyclists?), there have been *no* deaths by bendy (

    What I can find is that accidents on Routemaster buses on routes 12, 38 and 73 were significantly higher than on bendies (per 1m passenger kilometres) — almost 400% higher on route 73. The open platform is very dangerous.

  20. Were any cyclists killed by other types of bus? I doubt it. I’ve found bendies marginally more dangerous because of their length and articulation. Skip lorries and similar are the big cycle killer in London.

  21. Ok Ok the word killer was a bit over the top perhaps but jeez, I don’t wanna do numbers fur christ sake all I’m pointing out is that the new buses will produce LESS pollution, thus less a killer.

    If the Red Ken had come up with the same idea it would be the best thing since sliced bread!!

  22. Did Ken invent sliced bread? Just what you’d expect from the boring but truly municipal man.

    Good news. We have made the front cover of Vogue. Our homegrown is on the front, Flo, with a long article and pictures with Camberwell “namechecked” (that’s how we talk) throughout.

    We have arrived.

    In Camberwell.

    Camberwell is also mentioned in another article in an entirely different sort of paper, the London Review of Books, in a brilliant article by one of our number.

    Christopher Logue has died at 85. He lived on the Grove for many years. There are very few like him, in fact now there are none.

  23. ken never invented sliced bread but he might as well have invented ‘da sandwich’ (the thrilling one with y’know, 2 slices of bread & a piece of toast in between). fact.

  24. 12 is a handy bus for getting back from the west end. I’m on one now. Might as well see what’s happening on the Internet in the meatime… aready at Elephant in the time it took to write this… wait, we’re on Walworth Road already. I am now a situationist.

  25. is anyone here either involved with or knows someone involved with camberwell society? i only just found out that our ‘lovely’ planning department is recommending (as they do) a conversion of an empty space to a fastfood place minutes walk from where i live — camberwell society was consulted and the whole of some 20 nano-local (even more local than micro-local) residents. if camberwell society were to publicly share the information they get from the council about whatever consultations etc are happening, that’d be really great, as it’s really frustrating to not know what’s happening where i live because those who know aren’t telling :S

  26. They usually publish a digest of planning news in the Camberwell Quarterly, but because it is a quarterly I’m not sure if that decision would have been in there or not.

  27. The Camberwell Society is excellent. Anyone can join. They are very influential when it’s really needed. They have done an awful lot for Camberwell since 1970.

    The last full moon of 2011 will rise tomorrow above the New Den soon before the final whistle of our local football club Millwall’s game against their arch rivals, Cardiff.


  28. The Camberwell Society is excellent. Anyone can join. They are very influential when it’s really needed. They have done an awful lot for Camberwell since 1970. Planning applications should always be advertised on the premises themselves and on local lamposts, etc.

    The last full moon of 2011 will rise tomorrow above the New Den soon before the final whistle of our local football club Millwall’s game against their arch rivals, Cardiff.


  29. The Camberwell Society are only ever concerned with how planning applications effect their little enclave around Camberwell Grove. If it does not impose on their lifestyles they support it. Fact.

  30. Well, belated congrats, Monkeyspouse. You were all incredibly well turned-out, I must say. The Hermit is a truly fantastic place. Spent yesterday evening in there with a friend & it was heaving.

  31. Even the score — or Evans the Score, as they say in Wales — between Millwall and Cardiff reflects the full moon now beaming loonily over Camberwell.

    O — O


  32. Not all share the love for Millwall — though I should declare an interest as a lifelong Palace supporter — after bottles, coins and lighters were thrown at Palace players during the recent derby match at Selhurst Park. My cousin, with her son in a wheelchair, needed a police escort to save her from Millwall “fans”. Today, it’s been reported that Millwall “fans” at Cardiff were singing ‘where’s your Gary Speed?’.

    There’s often a small minority of troublemakers at most football clubs but a larger minority of Millwall’s “fans” manage to offend in a manner other clubs fans cannot.

  33. Those of you that remember the Lakanal fire in July 2009 may be interested to know that the Metropolitan Police have finally released their investigative report to the Crown Prosecution Service, 18 months after originally promised. The CPS will now evaluate whether there are any grounds for prosecution(s). If they feel there are, they will launch these and if not, the appointed Coroner will start the inquest into the 6 deaths that occurred that day.The inquest can’t take place until all other matters are settled. Meanwhile, the 3 families that lost loved ones have no closure and Lakanal remains empty, with 19,000 on Southwark’s housing waiting list.

  34. Put it like this:

    Some of us aren’t allowed to comment on Camberwell Society.

    Perhaps more accurately: some of us feel that if we comment on Camberwell Society we will be disapproved of and things will not happen as a result.

    What things is not clear.

    Camberwell. What a mess.

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