Camberwell’s Got Talent?

I’m posting this on behalf of Steph from Camberwell Arts Festival — Peter.

We are looking for Camberwell performers / people with hidden talents!

What is it? A surreal one day extravaganza celebrating Camberwell by getting locals to show off their party pieces! There will be 40 — 50 participants aged under 4 to over 80 — all performing their party piece for a maximum 5 mins. Plus lots of balloons, party hats and mimes too!

What are party pieces? Anything from dancing like Michael Jackson to spoons playing, or reading a poem to beat-boxing. Whatever your talent we want to help you show it!

When? Date is unconfirmed but will be either Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th, Saturday 23rd, or Sunday 24th June.

Where? On our “improvised” outside stage — by bus stops + street corners! — with a team of professional and experienced mimes.

What are we asking you to do? Show us your ‘hidden talent’ — we’ve got spoons players, beatboxers, REALLY bendy circus acts — and more…

If you’re interested — get in touch with me, and we can organise a time for me to see your talent or you can send a video in and then I’ll give you a slot! It’s as simple as that! Email Steph Singer steph@​singlondon.​org. Feel free to send this onto friends of yours as well! And please do let me know if there is any more information needed.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

25 thoughts on “Camberwell’s Got Talent?”

  1. Wuli wuli, wuli wuli, wuli wuli.

    Remember the opening scene from Splash where John Candy’s character, as a young boy, drops coins on the floor of the boat to look up women’s skirts?

    Great food and not expensive.

  2. At the risk of winding anybody up, I would vote for the peels of the bells which have just sounded from St. Giles. Beautiful.

  3. Ooh, Chunters, you are a wind-up merchant, looking up ladies’ skirts… oh, no, that was the previous punter and his belles of St Giles parish!

    I think we should cherish Chunters the same as all our punters. After all, the Camberwell rainbow is made up of fifty shades of grey, like the forty shades of green of Ireland.

    The Dagmarettes are keen to enter Camberwell’s Got Talent. What an excellent wheeze. Popular art.

  4. Supermoon tonight, biggest moon of year, moon at its perigee. 14% larger than normal. HoooOOOOOOooo…

  5. The clouds were 90% more than normal. The moon didn’t get a look in.

    @Alan Dale — I nagged Jay Rayner to review Wuli Wuli and he insists it’s just a regular OK takeaway Chinese.

    Just thought I’d point that out…

    Whereas I think it’s really exceptional.

  6. “Oh, to be in England now that April’s there.” Well, mate, it’s May now and awfully grey, but you were born here in old Camberwell exactly 200 years ago today.

    Happy birthday to you, Robert Browning!

    O! The sun has just come out.

  7. Werll… a birdie told me:

    Revitalise5 Camberwell, being developed in partnership with TfL, Lambeth and Southwark Council to improve the streetscape in Camberwell, has reached a number of key stages. We completed inital public consultation in December 2011, have undertaken extensive data collection in Feburary and March 2012 and have been working on a design framework that will assist as we develop concept designs.

    To keep you informed we would like to invite you to attend a meeting at 6:30pm on 29 May, at the St Giles Hall, Benhill Road. At this meeting, we will discuss our work to date, advise of next steps and how you can be involved as we look to consult on design options in the Summer.

    All are welcome but for seating and catering purposes it would be helpful if you could let us know if you are able to attend.

  8. By the way.

    The ‘story so far’ and reaching ‘a number of key stages’ as far as the council is concerned is: Well. Why NOT have YOUR say about this?

    Please fill in the dots about the December 2011 consultation and the ‘extensive data collection’ in February and March 2012

    Were YOU consulted in December? Y / N

    Were YOU aware of any data collection? Y / N

    To keep informed will YOU attend at 6:30pm on 29 May, at the St Giles Hall? TO find out how YOU can be involved in consulting on design options in the Summer?

    You cannot fill in anything on this online form because it is designed to provide quiet feedback which we will refer to when we next communicate with YOU — the people — the demos

    Thank YOU for having opinions that you kept to yourself. When YOU don’t like what we have done following insultation with YOURSELVES don’t expect us to listen — YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND BLEW IT.

    Thank YOU


  9. Oh lordy me. I just ate rather well

    I know I’ve said it before, but the food in Ambrosia, the Indian opposite the Flying fish really is blooming amazing.

    He is thinking of closing the restaurant because he just doesn’t get the custom. Please go and eat there as soon as possible.

  10. The radio signal is as clear as a bell this morning now that the saturated clouds have gone. Sibelius! His extraordinary chords! Just in time, the new clarity, for Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto live from Aberdeen at 7.30pm on BBC Radio 3, the last major piece he wrote.

  11. You on digital or analogue?

    We have one of those new digital radios. It’s okay, but I prefer older style FM.

  12. An old Sony radio has more natural sound than the icy precision of digital. Some people say that digital is some kind of mathematical approximation of the sound, almost a technology-created ghost. One wonders about digitalisation — car radios disabled, old people cut off.

  13. Camberwell Baths is getting a facelift, as there is some cash to tidy her up, and maybe even the old clock can be made to work. Tick tock

  14. Also, the Olympic torch relay will be passing through Camberwell on Thursday 26 July. Not sure what the route will be but I’m guessing it will go past the Green

  15. This is good news about the baths and the torch, Eilean. At last, some good news here. Perhaps the bearers will drop in the Hermits Cave for a pint whilst the torch is looked after by the smokers outside.

    The radio reception in Camberwell is affected not so much by atmospherics, I am beginning to wonder, as by pirate radio stations. Their output is always the same — some blooming bloke booming on, bellowing bombastically, about his prowess, so it seems.

    One would hope the licensing authorities would at least instruct him on diction and dignity proper for a broadcaster in Camberwell and encourage him to spin a few string quartet discs rather than puff on about his pomp. Our community, after all, does not want him to make a complete BUFFOON of himself.

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