Revitalise Camberwell public meeting

I’m posting this on behalf of the Revitalise5 Camberwell team — Peter

Revitalise5 Camberwell, being developed in partnership with TfL, Lambeth and Southwark Council to improve the streetscape in Camberwell, has reached a number of key stages. We completed inital public consultation in December 2011, have undertaken extensive data collection in Feburary and March 2012 and have been working on a design framework that will assist as we develop concept designs.

To keep you informed we would like to invite you to attend a meeting at 6:30pm on 29 May, at the St Giles Hall, Benhill Road. At this meeting, we will discuss our work to date, advise of next steps and how you can be involved as we look to consult on design options in the Summer.

All are welcome but for seating and catering purposes it would be helpful if you could let us know if you are able to attend.

More information and contact details.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. The New Cafe at Ruskin Park opened today. It is in the old park keepers hut in the play area.

    It’s lovely run by two sisters with lots of lovely organic food and ice cream. I hope that they have loads of success as this is just what the park needed.

  2. Evening all,

    Got an update on the now named “36 Reasons To Love Camberwell” project. Most of the photos are now done and you can see a few of them on the link below.

    I have a favour to ask and any twittering / facebook / forwarding of this request would be very much appreciated.

    I need some picture frames that will be used during the exhibition in the Hermit’s Cave. More info here on me blog.

    I need to get them within the next few weeks so it is slightly urgent.



  3. That main pic of Mr & Mrs Cruson is just so excellently excellent. One is lost for cliches. OMG! I can’t believe it’s so scarily way too cool to be quite honest.

    Seriously, it should become the flag of Camberwell. It would be great to have a photograph as a flag. We could lead the way, eh?

  4. @Dagmar. Getting a compliment from you is like meeting the Queen and being knighted on the spot. Thank you.

    Could you please become the Monarch of Camberwell and start sending telegrams from Dagmar Palace on peoples anniversaries?

  5. Tush, ‘Cat.

    We have been neglecting the St Giles May music concerts, but there are two more to go. How often do you here a solo viola? Bethany Brit is next Wednesday.

    Liam Byrne, the viola da gamba player on 30 May, is playing in Albarn’s “Dr Dee” at the English National Opera, is a member of Fretwork and a professor of the gamba — it doesn’t get much better than that, as they say in cliche-land, for 3 quid!

  6. Monkeycat — those photos are great!

    Off-topic — Does anyone know what they’re going to be building on the corner of Medlar St/Camberwell Rd, facing the old Bingo Hall? They’ve cleared a large area.

  7. Farmers Market 10am-2pm tomorrow on Camberwell Green, plus the south-east London social calendar must-do, Nunhead Cemetery Open Day, everyone welcome as they say, visit before you are summoned!

  8. Sent to me by an anonymous source:

    * Farmer’s Market — due to popular demand the Camberwell Green Farmers’ Market will now be held fortnightly starting this Saturday 19th May. The market opening hours are 10 to 2pm.

    * The Cooltan Arts Bench — also on Saturday 19th May — the first public sculpture commission on Camberwell Green will be unveiled at 3pm. The ceremony will take place next to CoolTan Arts’ Ginkgo Tree on the North East corner of Camberwell Green. Come along and see this remarkable bench created by the artist Rossen Daskalov.

  9. $104billion Facebook gone down innit.

    Lunar eclipse wot dunnit.

    An dem aliens man. Wot’s controllin’ out minds man. Innit. Outev da TV man. Scary.

  10. @Dagmar. Is this a minimalist’s haiku?

    By the way, does anyone have contact details for the chaps who ran/run/hopefully reopening the health food shop on Denmark Hill? Looks like it may be opening up again and I would love to include them in the 36 Reasons To Love Camberwell project.

    Would that make it 36 12 reasons?

  11. DEAR CAMBERWELL! SE5 Forum’s organising our 2012 Big Lunch and we’d love you to come!

    All of us at SE5 Forum invite YOU — everyone in SE5 and all around — to join us on Camberwell Green on Sunday 3rd June from midday to 3pm for an extra special Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch. Tell your everyone you know to come along, bring a picnic, and join in the fun!

    The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden Project to encourage friends, family, neighbours and people from all walks of life to have a wonderful once-a-year get together over lunch in a simple act of community, friendship and fun in the belief that the world can be a better place through people working together, with nature, optimism and common sense.

    Lots of people have said they’re coming already and many who can’t make it because of the holiday have been donating time and things in advance to make it the best Big Lunch yet -

    Camberwell Choir will be singing for their lunch; Sure Start; Cooltan Arts; Mission Care; Friends of Camberwell Green and Wells Way Triangle Residents’ Association will all be with us; Cowling and Wilcox are supplying craft materials to make crowns, bunting and decorations. We’ll be taking photographs as a memento of the day.

    There’s going to be a Grand Quiz everyone’s invited to join in with prizes specially put together for the day by local businesses — So don’t miss your chance to win Morrison’s fantastic Diamond Jubilee Hamper and remember: make sure you sign the Queen’s Commemorative Book.

    It’s going to be a wonderful day to remember so don’t miss it! Bring yourself, your family, friends or community group to Camberwell Green to celebrate the best Big Lunch yet.


  13. Interesting that half of people do not want Charles next. He is a rather sad neo-fascist. William has the benefit of being the son of Diana who, at a stroke, on the night of 31 August 1997, changed the whole show.

  14. It shouldn’t be a question of whether Britain would be better off With or Without the monarchy.

    It should simply be the case that there was no monarchy so then there would be no question.

    The problem with the monarchy is that its existence makes everything else, all the other inequities in society, the class system, private education for the elite, dominance of those people in government, private and public sector, banking you name it, all seem pretty much OK.

    And it’s NOT Ok.

    Down with the monarchy.

  15. Peter — would you mind e‑mailing me with your contact details? I wanted to suggest posting an appeal on Camberwell Online.

  16. A Glorious SE5 Summer begins. Sitting in Ruskin Park’s little cafe with a nicely made double espresso served in a pretty cup waiting for my halloumi and red pepper wrap to arrive.

    The playground is fairly busy, the paddling pool is empty as is the basket ball court and the half pipe skate contraption and the fenced off hard ground football pitch.

    The paddling pool is empty in all respects. Of water, of children, of people of any description apart from a few picnickers using the tables at the far end.

    The cafe is moderately busy. It should be heaving. It’s not busy because there’s not enough people here because the facilities are not being managed properly by the local authority.

    What a surprise.

    What a waste.

  17. Will Self has been punished for his wilful selfishness, his shellfish inwardness. The sky has fallen in, now he must go and tell… the king.

    His main message is how clever he is, like Martin Amis and all the knobs at the top of the tree looking down on us. We must forget our own poor lives and look up to him.

    But not every problem is a disaster. Are we downhearted? No, not while Britannia rules the waves, cor blimey. God save the Queen. For after her, the deluge.

  18. Dagmar — presume you are referring to a recent appearance of his on TV about his roof falling in, but I didn’t see it if that’s the case.
    The wordplay is clever, but, despite his arrogance on occasions, I suspect that Will Self is too. You trying to upstage him?

  19. Mushti, hoist on me own petard!

    Self is something of a nimby, though. He looks down on the humble. He also stumbleth over himself to find even cleverer and cleverer words, so both he and you lose the plot of what he’s saying.

    Read some, any, and you’ll see what I mean. He likes obscure vocabulary to the detriment of what he’s saying. (Detriment!)

    Martin Amis is snarling with his own cleverness and the thrill of looking down on the humble.

    Still, it’s hot and I am a bit grumpy in the heat. Today’s Open Gardens along the Grove must have been great, but too hot for people to go.

    The concert next Wednesday at 7.30 at St Giles is a must — Liam Byrne of the mediaeval base fiddle thing. Unmissable. 3 quid. A miracle.

    Wednesday 30th May
    Liam Byrne

    Liam is one of the very few Viola da Gamba musicians and he is in constant demand as a soloist and chamber musician. Recent engagements have taken him everywhere from Honolulu to London’s Wigmore Hall, the Kremlin Museum in Moscow and Carnegie Hall in New York. Liam is a member of the renowned viol consort Fretwork, with whom he has appeared in several recordings. Other chamber music activities include performances with Dunedin Concert, Le Concer d’Astrée, Concordia, The City Musicke and the Feinstein Ensemble.

  20. Don’t forget to go to the meeting tomorrow night that heads this thread: Revitalise SE5 Camberwell 6:30pm Tuesday 29 May, St Giles Hall, Benhill Road.

    Since he grew up Will Self has dropped much of the tosser he used to be and talks a lot of plain sense.

  21. @J Mark Dodds ‘Contraption’ is a highly accurate way to describe the ‘half pipe’ in Ruskin Park. It’s no wonder it’s not being used. The bottom part (flat bottom in skating parlance) is crumbling tarmac, not great for 50mm wheels, or skin if you happen to fall off.

    And strictly speaking I think it’s a quarter pipe and a bank but I can’t remember for certain, selective amnesia no doubt.


  23. The Indian is dead. Long Live The Indian.

    Sadly, Ambrosia closed on Sunday. However, already there are people in renovating it (my only gripe is why create a false ceiling instead of going back to the original high one- Urgh!).

    The new owners are Khan’s who have a restaurant on Brixton Water Lane.

    Their menu seems bog standard, but I’ve always heard very good things about it. Fingers crossed. (But still sad about Ambrosia).

  24. Dagmar, please set your next missive to music. I’ve always liked the concept of a singing telegram.

    Better still, embed a sound clip in warbling Scandinavian. Ja?

  25. “Too-nite, too-nite! at 6.30 v‑err‑y so-ooon! is an SE5 people’s me-eeeting to hear the reg-eneration plans for the manor — be there or be square, Benhill Road St Giles Halllllllll!!!!”

  26. I was unable to attend the meeting; did anyone here go, and if so could you put a few words together?

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