Camberwell Green Public Consultation

Southwark Council have some money to improve the Green, and are running a public consultation to ask what needs to be done. Give your opinions in this online form.

What would you ask for?

Also, a promo website for the proposed Southwark Supertram has been launched. It looks feasible, but apparently political will for the idea is not strong.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

64 thoughts on “Camberwell Green Public Consultation”

  1. Tonight, Eusebio, is the autumn equinox. Tomorrow you will wake refreshed, accepting that life without death is no life at all.

    Then, in Lucas Gardens, up come the mushrooms like the bobbling heads of little babies or the twinkling valves of trumpets at the gates of heaven.

  2. @alan dale

    Brixton Market seems to have a new soul food restaurant — it’s more or less opposite Franco Manca in the arcade…not sure what it’s like but it was packed when I had a pizza a couple of weeks back — might check it out later next week…it looked mouthwatering


    I feel reassured…thank you…now I might listen to Mushroom by CAN to cheer me up…

  3. Franco Manca, Eus, isn’t that just the most fabulous pizzeria, not just the best in London, but the cheapest in London.

  4. Ah, but when all is said and done, boeuf en croute is just a fancy cornish pasty.

    And that might be worth a bus ride to Brixton too.

  5. Mine’s a Best Burnt Beef End double deep fried Calzone please: Heavy on the Soul Easy on the Mind. That’ll be best refined thrice rendered lard you use to fry in won’t it? And smother it in Smokeee BBQ sauce — wid’ crispy Chittlings by the side.

    Just like Momma used to make.

  6. i cant believe what ive just read about the jobcentre sight and the offer of a new library — its so frustrating!
    one of my other frustrations (and i admit on a much smaller scale) is while i really want to support our local business’s i cant stop thinking why Johansons looks so dirty — is it just me or does it need a really good clean and a lick of paint? ive eaten there in the evening and the food is delicious, but i cant take my eyes off the dirt. no 67 looks great and i suppose thats why its always busy, im not saying it has to look the same but just raise the bar slightly.

    anyone know when the derelict building next door is going to start work?
    and the 1st building from the green on church street is finally getting a make over! its finally standing proud as the entrance of church street!!

  7. Exllnt obzervatnz, frazzle. We like things dirty, rather than nice, though. It’s nice to be a bit dirty. Johanssons is ever so well loved, so to speak.

  8. Anyone been to Polpo or Polpetto?

    Or Mishkin’s

    Or Delaunay?

    Or Brasserie Zedel?

    Or Bocca de Lupo?

    The top three, all polished, with it, laid back and solid little places are pumping out well made food are the kind of places Camberwell needs to extend the range of what’s happening.

    Delaunay on Aldwych is brilliant.

    I’ve not been to the bottom two.

    The food at Falafel never fails to impress me, all the food is really excellent. If you haven’t had it already try the Shish Tawouk. It’s chicken in a sharp sour marinade. The aubergine that’s served as a side or a larger scoop on a vegetarian meze is perfect. Sensational. It’s ludicrously good value.

  9. 10/11/12 by the way, is a date for your diary. The Sun and Doves is having a party.

    It’s a year since the pub was boarded up and we’re celebrating the release, no pub intended, with a Big Reunion Party at the Recreation Ground on Saturday 10th November.

    There will be live music and living deejays and a lot of very good people. All welcome. Please extend this invitation to friends and family.

    If you do Facebook it’s here:

    Recreation Ground is the pub that used to be Pacific

  10. There is an XLLNT exhibition at the South London Gallery, at last. It is just lovely to wander round it. It is thoughtful, elegant and nice to be amongst. Well done, the SLG — yes, you can! — and the chap Rashid Johnson from Chicago who made it specifically for the gallery.

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