Changes to Rail Services from Denmark Hill

On the 9th of December the Overground begins running through Denmark Hill station, completing the loop around London. The line will run between Highbury & Islington and Clapham Junction, opening up many more tube and train services.

This comes at the expense of the South London Line, which means a reduced (no evenings or Sundays) service to Victoria, and no direct service to London Bridge — a change at Peckham Rye will be necessary.

The service from Denmark Hill at peak times will be as follows:

  • Four trains per hour to St Pancras (some continue to Luton);
  • Four trains per hour to Bromley South (some continue to Sevenoaks and Orpington);
  • Three trains per hour to Victoria;
  • Three trains per hour to Lewisham;
  • Four trains per hour to Clapham Junction; and
  • Four trains per hour to Highbury & Islington.

Further service changes may occur in 2014, when the Southeastern franchise is up for renewal, and 2018, when the Thameslink project is completed.

The loss of the South London Line will certainly affect some people negatively, but I think the extra services on the Overground will be ample compensation for the majority; this really does open Camberwell up, especially for those who live in SoCam (I made that up; it’s short for South Camberwell).

Much of this information comes from the latest Camberwell Quarterly.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

28 thoughts on “Changes to Rail Services from Denmark Hill”

  1. As you point out, the loss of London Bridge services will be a blow. But I would think the direct link to Shoreditch will see a benefit in the long term. Hopefully creative types choosing to commute in initially will bring some increased demand for better coffee shops etc.

    But regardless, the idea that I can now claim to live in SoCam, London has made my day. 🙂

  2. SoCam! Love it! And it’s counterpart NoCam, I presume? Personally I always get the 40 bus when I’m going to London Bridge, so I’m not bothered but I suppose if you commuted daily to the City it would be annoying. Looking forward to the quick links to Islington and Clapham but hoping it doesn’t bring too much gentrification to my beloved Camberwell.

  3. The blog evolves.

    Here’s as succinct an explanation for why pubs are closing everywhere as you’ll find. Thanks to CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale for doing it…

    Please share this with friends and associates.

  4. On another note it seems that the Peacocks clothes Shop on Denamrk Hill (formerly 99p, formerly Woolworths) has been repossessed — there is a note from landlord on it saying that locks have been changed. Another note has been added telling all staff to go to the Walworth Rd shop.

  5. How long will it take to get to, say, Shoreditch High Street on this new line? Also how frequent will they be?

    It could be a good link, if the journey time is short and there are lots of trains.

  6. Thanks Peter. That’s plenty enough trains to Shoreditch for me.

    I wouldn’t mind a train that went direct to Charing Cross. That would be handy.

  7. Comber Grove Primary performed in the 1000 member Peace Choir at Royal Albert Hall last week, accompanying the Cross Border Orchestra. It was marvellous

    Then, last night Comber Grove Primary performed Romeo and Juliet, at the Unicorn Theatre in Tooley Street, as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival 2012. Fantastic!

  8. The Sun (not Doves) of Camberwell opens in late November, according to Antic Pubs’ twitter feed.

  9. The changes are hugely problematic for patients and staff trying to get to work at Kings and moving between hospitals. The increasing collaboration between Kings College Hospital, the Maudsley and Guys and St Thomas means that many staff and patients use the direct line between Denmark Hill and London Bridge. For those who need to go on from Guys to St Thomas there are frequent shuttle buses for that brief journey.
    The collaboration between the hospitals (and Kings College London i.e. the university, whose medical and dental schools are mainly at Guys) is leading to the centralisation of specialist services across the sites as they seek to increase the quality of care provided to the people of south east London. Increasingly therefore many patients also use the direct line.
    Overall the loss of the direct line between Denmark Hill and London Bridge is a serious blow to the optimal functioning of our local hospitals. And has come about despite vigorous representations from the hospitals to TFL.

  10. HEY! Don’t forget that on Saturday 10/11/12 we’re having a joyous first anniversary since eviction celebration party for The Sun and Doves at the Recreation Ground — the pub at 65 Camberwell Church Street — from 8pm — 2am.

    It’ll be great fun with lots of friends from the last decade and a half coming together for a right royal laugh.


  11. Tescos news: I went in the Camberwell New Road store and had a chat with the guy doing the mark downs on food going off that day and he said the store is not doing good trading at all so far… about £35k a week, when the store he’s come from in East Dulwich did £135k a week. Early days though.

    And in other news, a planning application has been put up for a Sainsbury’s Local in the old Mucky Duck pub opposite Loughborough Junction train station, adding extra competition to the soon to be opened Tesco’s Express in the old Warrior pub building the other side of the junction, and of course all the local stores.

    I have mixed feelings about all this — it could encourage local shops to up their game, but it will inevitably kill some of them. I’d be particularly sad to lose the fantastic Kashmir Halal fruit and veg shop on the corner of Pomfret Road, that really is a brilliant local shop.

  12. @Ben

    Kashmir Halal Fruit and Veg — good chaps in there, very helpful, I always make a point of getting my lemons and red onions in there…

    IIf I have to choose between a Sainsbury Local or Tesco then it’s the former, hands down but allowing both to open in LJ does seem as if the council may be trying to attract some property developers to build some apartments on the light industrial or brownfield/derelict space around the junction. Also, maybe a fully refurbed train station into the bargain?

    Who knows? But life isn’t as complicated as we’re led to believe…

  13. Maude: I think I agree with you about the London Bridge line. I suspect we’ve be shafted and they’ve spun it as an improvement.

  14. The new Tesco is always fairly empty: this means there are some great bargains to be had. I predict that fish pie will be on the reduced list this evening: I had one last night and it was bloody lovely. (And only 421 calories to boot)

    On another note, I’ve just co-written a book of London dog walks, featuring Nunhead Cemetery and Peckham Common and Rye. It’s available at if anyone is interested.

  15. I have to agree with some of the other posts on here — why go to the Tesco Express when the Turkish Food Centre is across the road? Or the Oli Food Centre is a short hop on the bus/bike to Walworth Road. Both excellent emporiums of all things wonderful.

    Did you all know the corrupt ex-Westminister Council leader “Dame” Shirley Porter (of gerrymandering for votes scam) is a major shareholder of Tesco?

    I saw her in the Tate once chuckling like a hyena watching the film about the miners dispute/strike in the excellent Battle of Orgreave artwork installation by Jeremy Deller — A top bloke in person as well as output may I add…

    What a lovely lady 🙁

  16. The loss of the South London line is serious but the real issue is the absence of any services to and from Victoria and Denmark Hill in the evening. The theatres and nightlife in Clapham are a somewhat inadequate alternative!

  17. @rrsheard but there are still 2001 buses from Camberwell directly to the centre. And in the evening, I have been home within 25 minutes on the bus.

  18. Going to/from Victoria will still be possible, it will just require two extra stops including a change. It’s a pain that the direct service will no longer be there, but the advantage is a connection to Clapham Junction, which opens up many more opportunities for travel. Likewise, the loss of a direct service to London Bridge is a disadvantage, but it just means making a change at Peckham Rye, with the advantage being direct connections to Canada Water (Jubilee Line), Whitechapel (District & Hammersmith), Highbury & Islington, and so on. Overall, a great net gain, but losses for some.

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