Turkish Food Centre offers Camberwell taste of the Mediterranean

Comments on my previous posting on the new Tesco Express remind me that I had intended to post an article extolling the virtues of the newish Turkish Food Centre (pictured) on Camberwell New Road. So here it is.


The new deli opened earlier this summer on Camberwell New Road opposite the Bear Pub in what was a stationery shop.

The TFC offers a fantastic range of bread, cakes, meat, fresh fruit and veg and much much more. It is part of a chain of currently 14 shops around London. This is a very welcome addition to Camberwell.  I thoroughly recommend it!

Turkish Food Centre website

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  1. Boycott the big guns …you’ll get GREAT olives n feta here n feel like you’re in Mediterranean heaven here, I’m sold !

  2. Is this article correct?


    1000 houses to be demolished on the Heygate Estate but according to the article only 250ish new ones will be built with only 8 of them council homes?

    “Southwark Council said there will be 18 other homes at a range of social
    rents and that of the 235 homes, a total of 54 will be classed as affordable”

    Surely there is a typo? Lendlease must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. There’s quite a few Halloween events going on this weekend…

    “Camberwell Scare” tomorrow (Saturday) at St Giles’ Church, 6pm, A scary music concert for all the family! Featuring Camberwell Community Choir and friends. Tickets £3/£2 available on the door. Concert will last around an hour.


    “Halloween spooktacular” in Brunswick Park on Sunday 28th, 3 — 5pm.


  4. @monkeycat: bbc article is true, there’s been a lot of press coverage over the ‘phase 1’ (rodney road side) as there’s going to be a pitiful amount of social rented and ‘affordable’ (which it genuinely isn’t). i’ll try and publish sth on monday, as there’s a lot of stuff going on. lend lease laughing all the way to the bank? surely not 😉

  5. The Turkish supermarket is indeed excellent, parked right next to the Orthodox Cathedral as a kind of permanent harvest festival.

    I’ve just bought Claudia Roden’s “New Book of Middle Eastern Food” for 10p in a charity shop. She is an earthly saint. Her book is not just about the food of the Middle East but the culture, people, history, poetry. This book is worth a fortune whatever price you buy it for. The dishes she describes are easy to make and are the culmination of culinary wisdom worldwide.

    As they’d say at Galatasary, “Welcome to the Camberwell!”

  6. The whole housing thing is a scam nowadays. All the big housing associations — check out the company accounts and see how much the boards of directors earn.

    When public money’s involved it’s no different from private — just they can get away with more bullshit than they can normally.

    Haven’t y’all noticed? This is no democracy. Democracy’s dead, suffocated, shuffled off. This is all about lucre and extending the have of the haves at the expense of the have nots. This is a Banana Republic. Except we have a monarch at the top.

  7. Thanks Lili.

    Simon Hipperson, CEO of Lend Lease should have his balls cut off, finely minced and forced down his neck with a lot of olive oil — to make sure he doesn’t choke you understand.

    I hope no one’s offended by this over moderate reaction to the news above.

    Wonder how much he earns a year eh?

  8. The brand new Camberwell Youth Centre for eight to 21 year olds will be launching in January 2013. If you know any children and young people who might be interested in taking part in the youth centre programme then this is their chance to contribute their ideas in a short survey which has been set up by Southwark (see link below).

    The CYC is new to Camberwell Baths and is an area which has been entirely refurbished and dedicated for use by children and young people.

    The specific aim for the youth centre is to provide a safe, fun and welcoming environment creating learning opportunities and activities. As well as getting involved with sport, there will be opportunities to get involved in making music, creative art, and get advice and guidance on fitness and healthy living, training, jobs and work experience.


  9. Way off topic, but does any one know of a good plasterer in the Camberwell vicinity?

    Nightmare ceiling collapse, not covered by insurance as it is merely “maintenance” apparently! Many thanks if you do know someone worth recommending

  10. Anyone noticed this about Camberwell Library? I found a reference to it in Southwark News today, and this is the link in SE5 Forum which I also found:

    New Library for Camberwell:
    You are invited to an exhibition in the current library between 12pm and 2pm and 6pm and 8pm on Thursday 1 November.

    And also a consultation:

    Start date: November 08
    Start time: 12:00 pm
    End time: 08:00 pm
    Location: Camberwell Library
    4 Futures and the Council want to talk to the local community during this design process, which will continue over the next few months.

  11. @Eilean, I got an email about it the other day. The meeting at the library is actually on the 8th, so next Thursday.

    It still amazes me that the council gets away with writing a questionnaire that asks if people like libraries and then says “every said they wanted a library on the green”. Democracy in action! I will be asking for a library on the leisure centre car park.

  12. The Leisure Centre car park would be a better place for the library than where they propose for it in front of the Magistrates courts — at least the car park would be used instead of being empty 90% of the time (if you park there now, I mean if you actually USE the car park err, as a car park, the council clamps you of course, even though the signs are not lit up and invisible in the dark — you can get away for a £120 release fee — this applies even when you’re a Fusion member and COULD park there legitimately of you knew they were going to clamp you) and, yes, they could put a couple more cafes in there. That would be a good idea…

    Then they could sub-let the three shops the library occupies now, which cost the council around £100K a year in rent to private landlords, to Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero. Then Camberwell would really be going places.

  13. We need a plasterer, too, our ceiling has fallen in. Surely not everyone in Camberwell works in the media. There must be some people who can do things.

  14. @J Mark Dodds

    Caffe Nero, Costa and Starbucks wouldn’t know what good coffee was if it tolchocked them across the gulliver with a cast-iron espresso pot.

    Not sure if I have the time, energy or patience regarding the library fait accompli planning meeting.

    Depends on my mood…

  15. Re: plasterer, I’ve found one on the ED forum, and he was very good, he did a few ceilings, and walls for us. And it was much better than what the Bathroom Contractor’s plasterer did.

    His name is Peter Cook: 07818254946

  16. Cool Cats Cafe Bar is now officially open on Southampton Way…If you know anything at all about this little neglected part of SE5, you’ll be able to imagine how excited us locals are about its arrival! For those that know me on Facebook I’ve posted some photos.

    The welcome ‘do’ was absolutely buzzing last night and if the teaser nibbles were anything to go by, they have a very talented chef on their hands…

    There are various menus for you to peruse online, and some exciting drinks on offer too.


    Things are finally starting to improve for those of us around Southampton Way, and we are THRILLED about it!!

  17. I have written to ask whether the location for the library is up for consultation and not just the design of the building. No reply yet…

    The footprint of the Camberwell Baths car park is too small for a library any bigger than a shoebox. This is because of the access issues for the businesses along Camberwell Church Street. They need access to the back of their buildings for fire escapes, rubbish removal etc.

    Now the old Job Centre building is another matter. Anyone know what the plans are for that?

  18. @ Eilean/eusebiovic I do hope no one, even for a moment, misunderstood my post above — which was meant ironically. It was inspired by a project officer for the new library suggesting that perhaps inviting Costa coffee to consider setting up in the old library site might be a good addition to the area *made my blood boil*

    The Baths’ car park is too small for a library I know. But a serious proposal to include a new library in the Leisure Centre’s multi million redevelopment was put forward to Southwark by SE5 Forum, and considered a goer by the authority, some years ago. That plan incorporated the car park in a new build hotel and a lot of other workable proposals for increased social cohesion, sustainable income generation and local regeneration. A ten month ‘stakeholder working group’ was convened but such suggestions were totally poo pooed and kicked into touch by the Local Great and Good —

    The Jobcentre site is planned to be redeveloped as mixed residential and retail. I’ve searched Southwark’s planning database and can find nothing about it. In fact, according to Southwark’s planning website, it looks like NOTHING is happening around Camberwell Green AT ALL. Even though manifestly the developers who have been demolishing buildings along Camberwell Road appear to be soldiering on. The Planning site says “updated daily” — Oh Really? How difficult can it be?

    Anyway the developer for the Jobcentre site offered to include a new library but reportedly Southwark planning officers were completely disinterested, presumably because they had their own ideas regarding the Magistrates’ piazza.

  19. @ J Mark Dodds

    I understood your irony perfectly well, and remember the story about the Costa Coffee 😉

    @ Amanda Fuller

    I plan to visit the Cool Cats Cafe on monday. After investigating the Burgess Park masterplan.

    I haven’t done so up until now because I was waiting for it to settle down and grow out before passing judgement.

    I have seen the new Chumleigh Gardens Cafe whilst passing by on the 42 bus — it still feels like a huge mistake to me. Sorry!

    Perhaps most of the loyal regulars from the old one at the back will migrate to Cool Cats.

    I will then cut through Brunswick Park across Church Street through St.Giles Churchyard across into Camberwell Grove and up past Denmark Hill Station and through Ruskin Park and then home. I reckon that all the friends of the local parks in Camberwell should join forces instead of being so parochial. We have an embarassment of green riches in this area. Some co-operation wouldn’t go amiss.

    I’m enjoying monday already…

  20. Cool Cats’ Cafe looks fab, just by Rainbow Street, wonderful. Magistrates’ Pizza, interesting.

    Costa Coffee coffee makes my blood boil, too. It is highly toxic, always makes me feel sick and jittery. I don’t care how much it costs. It tastes like caustic.

    Let’s swarm Camberwell Library on Thursday (8th) 6–8pm and get them to stock Cool Cat’s lentil beer.

    Then we could really get plastered!

  21. I find the level of vitriol aimed at coffee shops really interesting. Surely what they offer is no different to the likes of the standard high street shops such as M&S and Gap. Mass produced product aimed at mass consumption.

    I’m all for good quality coffee but find it amusing that coffee shops come in for such a bashing.

    PS — I’m not related to the other JK

  22. whats happening with Tadim’s — anyone know?
    also not sure if youve noticed but yet another hair salon has opened on church street where the old internet cafe used to be! great! :o(

  23. @JK I think it’s the quality of the coffee, and the extortionate prices they charge that upset me. You are right, they are no different from other high street stores. I try to avoid them whenever humanly possible too. They are usually more expensive and of dubious quality.

    And neither do I shop in the type of place found on Lordship Lane either.

  24. Tadims has finally closed. Mainly because it was shit, and because he treated his staff appallingly.

    It’s either going to be another manual style place or a diner. Not sure which rumour is true.

    The Internet place is still Internet but hair too. Hair, nails and mobiles. These guys run successful businesses and are independent. It’s what we need at the moment.

  25. Busy week in Camberwell. The Grove Lane Residents Association AGM is tonight Wednesday 7th November at 8pm in the upstairs room of the Crooked Well. The GLRA includes Grove Lane, Love Walk, De Crespigny Park, the Kerfields and Annandale.

    The new Camberwell Library exhibition is being held in the old library on Thursday 8 Nov from 12–2 and 6–8. From looking at the poster it seems pretty clear they are looking at locating it in the same public space as before, but I might be wrong..

  26. Anyone else heard the rumour that “Camberwell’s Restaurant” (copyright Ronald MacDonald) is planning to open 24 hours a day? We live in desperate times when the growth industries in Camberwell are nail bars, betting shops, pawn brokers and junk food places.

  27. Times are desperate.

    In some places even the nail bars, betting shops, pawn brokers and junk food places are but a wishful dream.

    But where there are people, there’s hope.

    I hope.

  28. Probably a good idea, if you are so inclined to get down to Comet on the Old Kent Road as the liquidation sale started this morning.

  29. More exciting news: Looks like 201 Coldharbour Lane (across from Loughborough Station) is getting spruced up to become a Sainsbury’s. http://bitly.com/RZUDdJ

    Also got a flyer in the door last night which indicated the Lane is going to have some fresh footpaths laid as part of the regeneration. Hope that includes a urinal in this perpetually stained corner by the Kabra Kebabra. http://bitly.com/UnwkN4

  30. Have pity (but not too much) for the people doing the consultation at the library today. They are getting a verbal kicking! Almost everyone there is upset that having the library in front of the Court is a done deal.

    It does amaze me that there is no evidence on why other places were ruled out. Hubris in the extreme.

  31. @JK well then, are you THAT JK or are you this JK. Which JK are you?

    My grapevine tells me that Tadim is going to be a bacon and egg place. Whatever that is.

    I have forgotten a lot of things today.


  32. Yikes. Rushed home tonight excited to see the Library proposal and was left dumbfounded. Completely unprofessional display, from the misspellings on the panel and the old pictures of library space circa 1980 I got the feeling they don’t know where the hell they’re going with this and that is a right shame. Perhaps that they ever felt the current space was ever fit for purpose should have tempered my anticipation.

    I do hope there is time to right this ship, I would be very keen to be involved in real consultation. I like to think that I can speak fairly intelligently on library design, being a full-fledged librarian myself, but actually any of us can because libraries are for all of us! The budget quoted is not insurmountable by any means, it just takes a bit of clever application (and lots of research).See: http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/librarydesign12 for some library eye candy under $1 million us.

    I’m not sure who the architects are but I sure hope they’re up to the task (and take out a few recent books on modern library design while they’re at it). Camberwell deserves a clever, innovative and inspiring community space, not just a rehashing of the old library concept that quickly turns into the same old cramped box with shitty cheap furniture and racks of sticky books that no one wants to go to. The Camberwell Baths project proves that our community values and can be trusted with nice spaces.

  33. @JK thanks for the clarification

    @Monkeycat Lili Nora — all well said. I went by the library this evening and left disappointed, disillusioned and seriously disgruntled. I kind of wish I hadn’t bothered.

    I noticed spelling mistakes too, I couldn’t be bothered to point them out. And it’s CLEAR that when all considerations are taken into account about all the possible configurations of a library there and their own for and against points — what stacks up is that the site is not at all suitable for a building on practical grounds shallow drains, underground car park, major services — other stuff I can’t recall in my red mist.

    It’s not the fault of the people at the ‘consultation’ who were getting it in the ear but the state of continuing affairs is a typical local disgrace.

    When I mentioned the Jobcentre development I got a ‘we really don’t know where these rumours came from about a library being possible there…’ so I felt I HAD to point out that this is NOT a rumour and that I heard directly, face to face, from Frasers about their library suggestion being brushed off by the council.

    There was much more. And it was all More Utter Bollocks.

    As usual. This is NOT consultation and WE are NOT being heard.

    The only rational thing that comes to my mind now is FUNT. Watch out for FUNT.

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