Are you going to Camberwell Fair?

Camberwell Arts Festival is over, and jolly fun it looked too (I was only in town for two of the days it was on, unfortunately). But there’s more to look forward to as, after a 160 year absence, Camberwell Fair returns to the Green on Saturday, 25th July, between 12pm and 8pm.

Painting of the original Camberwell Fair

The fair will showcase the cultural diversity of Camberwell, with music on two stages: the Wormfood stage has established artists playing Afrobeat, Reggae (legend Dawn Penn!), near Eastern, Afro-Colombian and more, and the Community stage playing newer local artists.

There will be a market of stalls from local businesses, and food from the Camberwell Arms, the Pigeon Hole cafe, the Pished Fish, and Peckham-based Old Spike coffee roastery.

Entry will be free, but you’re encouraged to register for a ticket, as ticket holders will be given priority entry when things get busy.

You can get more information from the Facebook event, or by following @CamberwellFair on Twitter. There’s also still time to get involved — you can run a stall, act as volunteer, work on the bar, or make yourself useful in a multitude of ways.

On a related note, every Sunday until the end of September there’s a seafood pop-up at ‘a secret Mediterranean courtyard’ (behind the Sun Cafe on Havil Street). Tickets are £25 a pop, sold in minimums of four.

As always, do get in touch if you have any more news of goings-on. You can comment here, email me, or tweet.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

12 thoughts on “Are you going to Camberwell Fair?”

  1. Morning Camberwell.

    Please may I draw your attention to the plight of one of our wonderful small businesses in Camberwell: The Pigeon Hole.

    As many of you may have noticed, Datchelor Place is currently under siege from roadworks.

    It is great that, at last, the Pocket Spaces project has begun, and eventually Datchelor Place will be a wonderful pedestrianised space for us all to enjoy.
    It is however, not great that Southwark Council decided to break ground in June.
    (bearing in mind the plans for this work have been dragging on for over a year…why not wait until after the summer?)

    This has had a devastating effect on The Pigeon Hole who not only are missing out on that vital summer trade that comes with outside seating, but has lost a huge proportion of their usual trade because of the difficulties accessing the cafe and lets face it, who wants to have a coffee and lunch on a building site?

    Anyone who still frequents the cafe can see that the fall in customers is going to have a very real affect on a what is still a relatively new, small business.

    …which is why I implore you all to go support it.

    Take advantage of their Power Hour £2 coffee 8–9 weekdays
    Sample their delicious breakfasts or lunches, or, if you too cannot abide the noise, get a takeaway bacon bap and enjoy it in the park…but at least you have shown solidarity.

    Since moving in, the Pigeon Hole have become ingrained into the local community (especially for those of us living off Camberwell Ch Street) and I would hate to lose one of my favourite neighbours.

    Support the Pigeon Hole!

  2. Good post Mrs PBTT. I’ll drop in. It must be hard to run a businesses in those circumstances. Hope they’ve got vegetarian stuff.

  3. By the way Peter (or anybody), what’s the story behind that picture in the article? Artist, year, etc. A Camberwell Fair sounds excellent. Especially if there will be music and things to do that is not shopping.

  4. Gabe, if you click on the image you get some more information — and a larger image. It’s Camberwell Fair by Parkhurst, 1861.

  5. PIGEON HOLE CAFE is a marvellous little place, very pleasant indeed, very amiably priced, superbly low-key-friendly staff, a pocket of calm within sight of the exciting rush of the river of Church Street.

  6. I have secured my e‑ticket for the Camberwell Fair. I intend to give over the good part of the day to it. If the Fair goes well, it will become a magnificent annual event that will draw people in from the countryside around.

    Let us greet the bumpkins and give them the times of their lives, widening their eyes with the ways of pleasure of Camberwell with its healing wells, organic fish and crafty beer that creeps up on you!

  7. Rather excited about the Camberwell Fair this weekend. Especially as me and Mrs MC are doing nothing to help organise it so can just turn up and enjoy it!

    If it’s all too much fun for you, then have a gander at this

    It’s the latest consultation on the planned “improvements” in and around Camberwell. Some of it makes sense, some of it is great, a lot of it makes for depressing reading.

    The lack of bike lanes, allowing right turns from Denmark Hill onto Coldharbour lane and no real addressing of the problem of bus stops ten metres apart from each other spring out as rather poor design.

    The plan for a crossing at the Green to Camberwell Passage is long overdue.

    If Peter agrees I can do a blog on this sometime in the next few weeks.

  8. Can’t believe proper bike lanes are not proposed, to feed into the work that is going on at oval/vauxhal and elephant & castle…

    And work only to start in 16, depending on consultation and funding?? Geez, these guys work at the slowest speed ever, it’s exhasperating…

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