News roundup: Camberwell Fair returns, the Green reopens

Quite a lot of the local news now happens on Twitter, and I sometimes forget that readers of this blog who aren’t also there miss out on some things. So I’m starting a semi-regular roundup for all those people, starting with this one.

Monday (4th July) night is the 10th anniversary AGM of the SE5 Forum. There will be food from Love Walk Cafe, music by Camberwell Community Choir, and appearances from the leader of Southwark Council, Cllr. Peter John, and the London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, Cllr. Florence Eshalomi. It’s at Cambridge House, Camberwell Rd., from 6.30pm.

The owners of the ridiculously popular Frank’s Cafe, in Peckham, are hoping to take over the former Club Couture premises at the foot of Camberwell Grove. There’s a public meeting to discuss the proposal at the Camberwell Arms at 6.30pm on 7th July; I’d imagine the influential Camberwell Society will have something to say.

The Green is set to reopen on 16th July, with a community launch event running from 12pm to 5pm, and an afterparty at the Tiger with DJs from Rat Records.

The relaunch event is being organised by Camberwell Fair, who are also back with their own event, on 20th August, although this year in Burgess Park. The first acts on the music lineup have been announced. If you’re a local business there’s still time to apply for a stall.

TfL are investigating the reopening of Camberwell Station after 52 years inactivity, reporting that “initial work suggests a station is physically feasible”. The station would be on the Thameslink line. Next steps will be to assess the impact on the rail network and any development plans in the area, and with the rebuilding of the station required, this won’t be happening in the next few years.

And finally, the war memorial to the Surrey Rifles brigade, located in front of St. Giles church, has been awarded Grade II listed status.

This was the news.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

22 thoughts on “News roundup: Camberwell Fair returns, the Green reopens”

  1. Thanks Peter. I’m quite infrequent onTwitter I often miss stuff. Is there any ‘news’ on whats happening at the old library premisis?

    The Lyndhurst Fair on Saturday was great!

    1. Haven’t heard anything concrete about who could be moving into the old library units — rumours include Brewdog or Starbucks, but take those with a huge pinch of salt. I do know that Hop, Burns & Black of Peckham Rye / East Dulwich inquired about them a few months ago, but were told they were all already taken.

  2. Wonderful news that there is new news from you. That’s the best news we’ve had in a long time. And now back to you in the studio.

  3. Happy birthday Mr Peter! Really? 12 years? Blimey! That’s prehistoric in Internet terms. OMG! Facebook and twitter were just a twinkle in some young graduates eye then.

  4. Hello all, a plug here!

    My choir, the Pop-Up Choir is singing at the Peckham Liberal Club tonight. We are the chaps who sung at the opening of the Camberwell Arts festival for the last few years at St. Giles. We have a fab new musical director, lots of new songs, a great bluegrass band, Mojo Hand, in support, and lots more.

    If you’ve never been the Peckham Liberal Club is a gem. Come along. From 7pm. Tickets are still on sale for £8 if you enter POPUPPECKHAM when buying online here: or £10 on the door.

    More info here:

    See you tonight!

    1. Agh… sorry, Tom, your comment got stuck in moderation and I didn’t see it until now. For future reference, any comment with a few links in gets held back for moderation as it looks like spam; you can’t approve it yourself through the admin interface.

  5. Pity that Camberwell is now heading out of the EU. The banks will leave and once again we will be left perched like the ark on top of Ararat.

    Thames Water are replacing a main near us — the hole is incredibly deep and the London Clay that comes out of it is sumptuous. I’m thinking that the metropolitan élite currently still with us would be very interested in


    The London Clay is a fabulous material some 55 million years old from the bottom of a shallow sea in a subtropical Camberwell suffering from global warming. This was the Eocene, the “New Dawn” — yes, comrades! — which saw the appearance new kinds of fauna — surely including yuppies, hipsters, etc.


    I can see it at artisanal markets.

  6. Thanks for the updates, always lots going on little neck of the woods. Just had to chip in with my two cents and have a grumble about the new company that have taken over the running of Camberwell Leisure Centre — Everyone Active, I believe they’re called. So far it all seems to be for the worse: they replaced the comfy cafe chairs with smaller, harder ones, put up signs in the cafe about only consuming purchased food, added more vending machines and most infuriating of all, filled the cafe area with products for sale. (Oh, and took away all of the kiddies pool floats they used to have for free in the leaner pool — that’s right, now we have to buy our own float and pool noodle and drag it through the streets of Camberwell every time we want to go for a swim. Which of course I’m not doing, and my toddler LIVED for those flipping pool noodles and is thoroughly unimpressed and bored with her swim now). Needless to say they get what’s coming to them when my rambunctious toddler hurls through the place, promptly pulling down all of their stock display every time. Gah.

  7. Soon the twockers will be driving our cars into the pool, Millay. Cutbacks are everywhere — schools, hospitals. Now the Conservative-and-Corbyn-led Brexshit will depress the economy further. Still, we can always go and live in Brexshire and work in the dung mines or whatever they have there on the new Nostalgia British Pounds Shillings and Pence Minimum Wage.

    Forgive me — yours is an interesting and relevant post.

  8. Millay,
    That is annoying. We do have our own noodles (not that expensive in Decathalon) but there weren’t many things that gave me more belly laughs than convincing my 4 yr old to lie on the big rectangular floats and then flipping her into the water. She probably won’t miss it, mind.

  9. According to the Conservative Party who led us to this decline, the community of Britain will now be all the more important. The baths were always staffed by miserable British jobsworths — it is plainly not important that the public baths are a central, vital and vibrant part of the community where everyone of every class, type and nation can go to swim and splash about.

    Seeing the new Camberwell Green in action, covered with groups of people relaxing in the heat — a wonderful sight, in my humble — it should be seen as a priority that the Camberwell Baths are staffed by well-paid, well-motivated people who give a lift to the whole glorious thing — the joy of the primordial sea in the middle of SE5.

    Southwark have suffered hard from cutbacks — the miserable service we receive, from the baths to the bin men and women — show how shit shareholder-value service companies are.

    SOUTHWARK COUNCIL should bung a few quid to the truly public services that matter. We are worth every penny.

    1. You’re right, the opening of the green on Saturday was indeed wonderful — a feeling of ‘we’re all back together’ for Camberwell. Apart from the head-scratching awfulness of having the never-used public toilet greet you on your way in (this has been covered in previous posts), I feel they’ve done a wonderful job with the green. There’s only ever so much you’ll be able to do with a slab of grass sandwiched by traffic-choked roads, but it seems more spacious somehow, with more…green. And the playground is now an actually functioning play area as opposed to somewhere for middle aged men to drink special brew or exchange drug money. Bravo!

  10. Saturday sees an interesting pre-season fixture in the calendar of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, viz, the visit of MILLWALL, in a “friendly” beginning at 3pm.

    Those of us not in Tuscany will find it eerily similar in this heat, at this time of year.

    This event is a must for all situationists, football fans (if there are any left after Euro 2016 — it wouldn’t surprise me if the poor disenfranchised working class have turned exclusively to marquetry and crotchet) and citoyens de Camberwelle.

    It will be good fun!

    1. Greetings to Camberwell from Cornwall. It’s quite rainy — that’s what’s going down here! What’s going on there? I miss it.

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