Camberwell Fair is back for 2016

Camberwell Fair is back for a second year (in its current incarnation†) on the 20th August. But it’s moved from last year’s location, on the Green, to Burgess Park. And unlike last year, there’s no ticket requirement, so everyone should have an opportunity to visit.

The Wormfood stage will showcase music from around the world, including Nubiyan Twist, Jus Now, K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade, Jally Kebba Susso, The London Lucumi Choir, Peckham Chamber Orchestra. The Camberwell stage will give space for local artists including Shahlaa Tahira & more.

There will also be food and a craft market (all stallholders to be confirmed). For the booze lovers there’ll be cocktails — including from Louie Louie, a new bar on the Walworth Road by the people at Fowlds — and from local brewers, Orbit.

The fair runs from 12pm to 9pm, but if you fancy some more when it’s over there’ll be an afterparty at Brixton Hootananny, with more music from some of the artists appearing in the afternoon.

Camberwell Fair afterparty at Brixton Hootananny

† The original fair ran until 1855, and was reknowned for its rowdiness.

Author: Peter

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5 thoughts on “Camberwell Fair is back for 2016”

  1. That will be a wonderful Saturday. Last year’s fair was brilliant but overburgeoning in the confines of Camberwell Green. Burgess will be better, for air quality alone.

    Glad to see the Peckham Chamber Orchestra is playing. Apart from its creator and conductor, Hannah, the can-do inspiration of our parish, they have a wonderful first violinist who will make the whole park take off into the ethereal skies above, which were previously populated by German bombers creating the park in the first place.

    1. FULL MOON TONIGHT, waxing gibbous almost to perfection (which is at 10.26am tomorrow). This can only mean one thing.

      But what is it?

  2. CAMBERWELL FAIR was good last Saturday, relaxed vibe, loads of people. Louie Louie sound system was great. Pity the Fair has outgrown the Green, but that number of people would not have fitted into that Green.

    Yuppie kids next door screaming again today — social autism, right to disturb, to hell with everyone else. Makes it hard to work. Very unfortunate.

    This is the increasing social gradation of Camberwell, categorisation, social separation, box-ticking — we live in this box, tick. Selfish gits, tick.

  3. Camberwell Fair was really good. A mix of people. Couple of bands and a sound system. Nice one organisers.

    I really liked the acrobatic house show. Can’t remember what it was called now, but good one!

    £5 for a pint of Orbit was pushing the limit. You could always bring yer own. A form of social separation right there.

    I don’t know what to suggest about the yuppie kids. Invite them ’round? Play Radio 2 very loud? Post a Corbyn poster in your window?

  4. I gave ‘em some examples of sound so that they could asses their own levels: Dennis Alcapone, Tupac — then I played some of my own funerary violin, then an extended mix on the guitar of “Duelling Banjos”. Oh, and some weird wolf howling noises from the internet, that was good!

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