Camberwell Yards ‘box park’ plans scrapped

Architects plan of Camberwell Yards

Plans for Camberwell Yards, the box park / container village project proposed for the area behind Butterfly Walk, have been scrapped. An email sent to some local residents says:

As you are aware, we have been working on this project for most of the year and have gone through extensive public and tenant consultations.

We have received a huge amount of interest and positive support for the project where the majority felt that this would be a beneficial addition to Camberwell.

At the end of an extensive reach, where we have also undertaken various surveys and reports including Transport and Noise Reports (following consultation of the Community) in order to support a planning application for this temporary project, we had hoped to submit the application for planning during September.

Unfortunately, our discussions with one key Tenant has proven to be unsuccessful as they feel that the project will not be compatible with their operation.

Therefore, it is with regret that we have to inform you that we will not be proceeding with this exciting project.

We would like to take this opportunity to all the people who attended the Consultation, and to all those people who have shown interest, co-operated and supported our team in endeavouring to get this project off the ground.

It’s fair to say that not everyone was behind this idea—some with reason, others less so—but I would have liked to have heard more about the plans, so it’s a shame this didn’t progress a little further.

More info if I get it.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

20 thoughts on “Camberwell Yards ‘box park’ plans scrapped”

  1. There may be very sound reasons why it didn’t work for this key tenant. I have no insights regarding this. I just hope that we won’t be tarred with a reputation here in Camberwell that says we are ‘difficult people to innovate with/ not open to new ideas’ We absolutely do need to see appropriate, sustainable and attractive new retail facilities here in SE5

  2. We as in whom Not enough info was given As for key tenant that may be the LAST or associates of , let’s ensure they report any final decisions , as mentioned lambeth and the other sardine cans pop not ..repeat don’t reflect the diversity of the boroughs

  3. Just had cod and chips from Fladda. Very good! Fast service. They shouldn’t be charging £4 for a bottle of Stella that you can get next door for a quid, but apart from that it’s great. 810.

  4. A squid in a bottle? Nice. Flavours the beer.

    So listen, the pop-ups, the sardine cans, I tend to agree with Bro Marlon, above. It all sounded a bit messy.

    This blog — I wonder if the commentability system is not as instant and urgent as it used to be — the design — it used to be bang bang bang, the comments, I’m not sure how to put it. It was easier to get a comment thread together. The layout is more pigeonholed and tidy. I’m not sure what I mean.

    But yes, times have changed since local blogs like this were the latest thing — but considering ours is one of few ARCHIVED FOR EVER at the British Library, etc. I wonder if the comments system could be more fluent or whatever it is I mean.

    As the economy falls flat on its face — as we take back control — over the next ten years, local things may become more important. Local forums. Dulwich Hamlet

  5. Yes, Giles, we’ve received a very articulate leaflet through the door from a group keen to have the half-road reopened. I bet an equally articulate posse of top of the Grove people would like the road to remain closed — all roads should be as quiet — but we’re so cramped for roads round there.

    The new permit zone is in operation along Lyndhurst Grove and the place is embarrassingly deserted. People hoping the permit zone would buoy up house prices will be be ashamed that so few people in the area own cars. Still, there is less traffic.

    Camberwell is suffering from the national downturn. The council hasn’t got the money to fix the bridge, basically. The government insist that post-crash, we can’t afford Britain. But still they plunge us into even further uncertainty.

    Pity, Camberwell was coming along well.

    1. People cant create their own private car free zones in London . The closing of the bridge has impacted on traffic in the area and simply results in more pollution as vehicles have to find a longer way around . This has resulted in more congestion on Denmark Hill and the resulting pollution levels in the area for which Southwark Council have no regard whatsoever.

      Southwark Council have lots of money to spend on Wren Road , Camberwell Green and Burgess Park.…to name a few . What do they all have in common ? Developers wanting to build luxury flats for foreign investors and an ex , or existing, Southwark councillor to assist them. Why are we tolerating all of this and accepting the myth they have no money ?

  6. Not owning a car is not something to be ashamed of. It’s sense, mostly. I like how empty the streets look now. As time goes by, we’ll all start spreading out the parking a bit, buying bigger motors and so on. It will be more luxurious.

    I’d keep the bridge closed to car traffic and put some other restrictions in to stop the rat-running north and south of the railway. Soon we won’t be able to drive anywhere.

    In other news, I like to shop in Cruson because he calls me “young man” (it’s all relative). Yesterday he upped it to “thank-you my boy” as he gave me change.

    1. Are you some retired millionaire or something ? buying bigger cars …luxurious .…I hope not . We should be looking at smaller electric cars organised like the bike schemes. We have an ageing population and mobility will be a big issue and people are having to work longer into their old age . Hundreds of people need their vehicles to carry out their jobs . How do you think the person coming to fix your boiler on a cold winters night its going to arrive ?

      There has been a massive influx of big diesel spewing cars to Camberwell ‚usually on a Sunday morning, and they are all coming from the African churches of which we have many …anyone going to challenge them ?

  7. I think this would have been good for Camberwell but can understand concerns residents may have had. I wonder how far the consultation net was thrown for this project — we didn’t know about it before it until someone on Nextdoor posted.

  8. I thought the bridge repairs would be done by Network Rail, if they do ever happen.

    I’m sad that you think lack of cars is embarrassing and a sign of downturn. Surely Londoners don’t still gauge affluence on car ownership? They certainly don’t in Hackney and other progressive boroughs. As far as I know, rush hour cyclists now outnumber motorists and given how expensive it is to have a car in London, not to mention get on the housing ladder, it makes far more sense for many people to walk, cycle or use public transport, and perhaps use a car share scheme, than it does to own a car.

    1. Many people driving on the roads are not ‘going to work ’ they are ‘doing their work’ and need a vehicle to do that . They are delivering , repairing , fixing up etc…all the things we need to keep the city going .They are not tootling around going to coffee mornings as most people seem to think . No one ever questions the middle class mums taking their kids to school causing major problems in the rush hour …problems which just disappear during the school holidays.

  9. Diana, I think the big diesel 4 x 4’s are for hunting purposes. Well, that’s what I imagine — people set off in hope of finding bison or elephant, or are just giving the impression they’re doing that for status reasons.

    The fact is there haven’t been bison or elephant in Camberwell for a good many years. But those of us who remember those days are very envious of the shiny 4 x 4 vehicles. We just had shank’s pony. It took loads of us to down an adult mastodon, but we had hide and food for weeks after that.

    There has been talk of a sabre-tooth tiger in Ruskin Park. Has anyone else heard this?

  10. Paid parking is working out marvelously. Loads of spaces and much less traffic. It’s like traffic has evaporated. Excellent.

    1. To Diana (up thread ? ) — I was being slightly facetious about getting a bigger car. I’m more of a travel-by-bicycle type person, or the bus or train now and again. But I don’t agree with you that all these car journeys are necessary. Some are, but people are profligate and the system kind of ends up with lots of people driving around mostly pointlessly.

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