Camberwell picture post

Just a few pictures to stimulate some discussion; there’s more going on (including a meeting of the SRUG tonight, which will discuss the closure of the Victoria-London Bridge service), but I lack for time, unfortunately.

I’d really like to get some guest posts on here; I’ve emailed the team at to see if they want to tell us how it’s going / it went, but either they haven’t received my email or they’re too knackered to respond. If anyone else wants a go, do let me know.

Now: on to the pictures.

Lettsom Mural

There’s a nice set of photos showing the kids of the Lettsom estate painting a mural in the Tenant’s Association Hall.


A photo from 1965 of the contentious Brunswick Park Primary School. Ben Patio (formerly of this parish) even suggests that it may be time to knock it down.

Camberwell Bomb Damage

Map showing bomb damage to Camberwell in WWII. There are a couple more.