From Peckham Rye to the future

Why has nobody ever told me how beautiful Peckham Rye is? On Saturday the wife and I took our new bicycles out for a spin, and I headed over there thinking it was just a large expanse of grass, like Burgess Park.

I wasn’t expecting to see gardens American, English and Japanese, a lake full of duck and goose families, an arboretum of great variety, and lots and lots of flowers… this huge, lovely resource right on our doorstep. A very well-kept secret.

Picked up a copy of the Camberwell Quarterly earlier that day; it contains an interesting biographical piece on Henry Maudsley, founder of the eponymous hospital.

Also in the magazine is the news that the owners of Butterfly Walk applied for permission to extend the centre with an extra storey and more space out back, for restaurants and a six-screen cinema. The application has been refused, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will try again.

The school on the corner of Southampton Way and Peckham Road (the name of which escapes me) has been closed down, to be replaced by flats. Everywhere we look permission has been given for new housing, yet we have few amenities, fewer schools and no improvement in transport. The new residents will have to send their children to distant schools, on overcrowded buses on congested streets. What is to become of Camberwell?

Silly me, the school is being refurbed, not closed down. Ignore my final paragraph lamentation.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

21 thoughts on “From Peckham Rye to the future”

  1. Oliver Goldsmith school, I think it is. And I thought it was just being renovated?? Sad if it is being closed down.

    There’s also a feature in this month’s Southwark Life on Camberwell. Talking about a new monument to be placed in Camberwell Green and about all the secret parks in Camberwell.

  2. There are alive & well children playing at Goldsmiths — big refurbishment going on. In terms of meeting the needs of local children, Goldsmiths must be the most important education delivery site in Camberwell.

    Sceaux Gardens nearby is like a park in Paris at the moment — baked light earth paths, soaring trees, bushes and flowers in flower, and tower blocks.

  3. Hi folks, don’t know how to forward an email to the site, but the Church Street hotel is featured in ‘Urban Junkies’ today, listing next Monday as its opening day!

  4. Couldn’t find anything on their site, southmark. Could you cut and paste the message?


    Looks like I was beaten to the punch by Southmark. I have been reading your blog with interest over the past month as we are looking to move into the area & so was very pleased when I received the email from Urban junkies this morning — a great piece of PR for Camberwell.

  6. Maybe its all a cunning ruse? I see that the correct spelt domain name has been registered as well so maybe they are going to switch dns servers (or whatever techy stuff needs to be done) for the opening

  7. well the good news is that does appear to be still available — if we were nasty ewe could buy it and then try and sell it back to them at an extortionate price …

  8. yep Mumu is right — I based my last post on the fact that I got an error mesg when using the correct url which was premature!

  9. Ah, OK, they’ve registered the correct name as well… phew. A bit odd to have the teaser site only on the wrong address, though.

  10. If you follow Mumu’s link, notice the tab title on the Church Street Hotel’s web page, it says ‘Grumpy Chap’.

    I like that.

  11. Peckham is a fantastic part of London, and often overlooked in favour of the public’s pre-conceived notions about the area.

    Do check out the Peckham Literary Festival which is happening from 14–18 November. Lots of fantastic events happening in the Peckham locale.

  12. Does anyone have any information about an orphanage or childrens home run by nuns in Camberwell area during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Any help would be gratefully received.

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