Church Street Hotel to open May 7

From today’s Urban Junkies email:

The Haymarket with its deluxe-eclectic rooms, Hollywood A‑list-filled lobby and northern Italian restaurant Brumus, was going to be quite enough if its Firmdale siblings the Charlotte Street, Covent Garden and Soho were anything to go by. The fact that there was going to be an indoor pool lounge in which to show off your new Pucci bikini or Vilebrequin trunks whilst sipping a mojito just made it all the more exciting.

But then another bolthole for not-so-dirty stop-outs was brought to our attention: The Church Street Hotel — an enticing blend of Mexicana and Louis XIV, five star boutique-yness in the middle of, wait for it, Camberwell of all places!

The Raido brothers (actor Mel and artist Jose) saw the potential in former South London dive, The Marbella Hotel and have transformed it into a vibrant hosteleria more suited to the creatives and romantics they mean to attract.

Our favourite room has to be the Havana-inspired library lounge bar with its walnut panelling and
ceiling fans.

Hmmm, Camberwell cool or Haymarket hip… how’s a person to decide?

The Church Street Hotel — opens Monday May 7
29–33 Camberwell Church St, SE5 — 020 7703 5984

Many thanks to Southmark for the heads-up.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

6 thoughts on “Church Street Hotel to open May 7”

  1. The best of luck to the Raido Brothers but if they are going to play in the same space as boutique hotels like the Charlotte Street they have picked the wrong location.

    I can’t wait for Cube to re-open. Since the public loo shut down I haven’t had anywhere local to smoke crack and wave my glock around.

  2. Camberwell Crunch Street is honoured to have an enterprise thus pre-trumpeted by the urban junkies. Well done, the Radio brothers. Those of us with smoking cracks and waving cocks will now have a hot new place to go. Charlotte Street is haunted by poor etiolated souls. Camberwell Crutch Street has all human life there.

  3. Speaking of new openings I have just walked up Camberwell Road and seen that the bar that was formerly Aristocrats before it was shut is due to reopen tonight (4 May) with a large sign on the outside saying “Under New Management”

  4. Wow havent been on this site for a while hasnt camberwell changed, a boutique hotel. Has anyone been inside yet?

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