Abierta — Cerrada

The former Jack Beard’s on Station Road(?) looks as if it’s going to reopen under a new name — a name which has been chosen in the laziest way possible: by seeing which word they can make out of the original sign.

Looks as if the Church Street Hotel may be open, although not, as yet, the accompanying Angels & Gypsies Tapas/Cervecceria. Their website has a new look, too.

The notorious Aristocrats has gone, to be replaced by Finch.

Everything changes, but you.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Finch. That is class. I am naturally reminded of Dennis Finch Hatton. Lord Henry and he were the bestest of friends.

    BEAR is good. “A pint of bear, please.” That is how Dennis used to talk.

  2. Big feature in London Lite or The London Paper on Camberwell last night (the two are indistinguishable). Seemed to be a recycled version of the Evening Standard article only with different personal profiles and higher house prices.

  3. isn’t Finch the buddy in American Pie, the cool MILF shagger? perhaps it will be a swingers bar?

  4. I have been trying to track down any information on the new bar Finch — the best I could come up with is the Gumtree enrty for their opening night http://www.gumtree.com/london/47/9371847.html

    “Brand new funky Wine Bar opening in Camberwell. 294 Camberwell road, london SE5. Grand Champagne Launch party on the 4thMay2007. Music R&B, Hip hop, old school, funky house and Afro pop. From 7pm onwards.

    Also every friday night therafter “Signature” playing the best in R&B Hip Hop, Funky House, ragga and soul. Dj Shy Shy and Guest dj’s on rotation

    On Saurdays “African Night” playing the best in Afro pop, niaja pop, and kwieto. Best guest african djs on rotation.

    Every Sunday “Early Night” old skool, slow jams hip hop.

    Come mingle with classy people!”

  5. It’s all so lamentably predictable

    BEAR is not a cop out though. It’s a pragmatic change to an existing sign that brings attention to the new project — it’s immediately clear that it’s changed hands and is not a Jack’s Beard…

    I’m not sure their intention is to remain Bear

  6. Mark et al

    You may like to look at Wikipedia where a battle is being fought out over whether the Sun and Doves is worthy of an entry (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_and_Doves) — if you want to add any further information stating its significance it will make it less likely to be deleted

  7. what about adding some information on your environmental ideas? that must be “significant”

  8. Cool. I’ve heard it’s bottles only but good nevertheless.

    Whenever I’ve been past on the train the beer garden has been lively.

    Look forward to your update.

  9. We like Bar Story; yes it’s mostly bottles, but they do serve Guiness on tap. It’s got an unfussy vibe (did I just say ‘vibe’?) and the courtyard’s a good place for an after-work drink. Food’s pretty good too, if a little pricey.

  10. You’re all probably out being sociable like my other half is and I should be, but…

    Cardiff are about to clash (and hopefully smash) Leinster in a BIG rugby game on BBCi in 15 mins. First beer just cracked…Old ZZ Top album providing background noise…The world’s greatest city (allegedly) outside the door…Who cares!

  11. bar story has Star on tap. can there be a better night in than beer, union and some Tush?

  12. Tony Blair was funny, wasn’t he. “Mah fellow Britons, this is the greatest country in the world.” London is its greatest city and Camberwell, surely, one of its most enigmatic, catholic and charismatic quarters.

    We have been chucking out and listening to a long-lost tape of Echo and the Bunnymen.

  13. I bunged into Google “Star beer tush” and got to a site called Cheapo Vegas. Is Star that Nigerian beer on tap?

  14. “… just lookin’ for some tush.” Google is so good. Frank Beard is down as one of the ZZ Tops, yes? Frank Beard! What a good name for a ZZ Top!

    Seriously, is Star Star or Newcastle Brown?

  15. Hang on, I am am even more confusing than normal.

    A night in with beer, union and tush?

    Is union full sex?

    What is tush, in that case? I fear I have exposed myself in my naievety!

  16. staropramen’s [sp?] the chap. isn’t NB known as “dog”? tush provides the soundtrack to the mailbox smashing scene in dazed and confused for those unfamiliar with the texas boogie canon.

  17. union, as in not league. full sex a penalty offence in union; not sure about league. tush best read here as female companionship, with potential for full union.

  18. (I have lurked for ages and never had anything to say but I thought this was worth a mention…)

    Whilst on the bus to Oval the otherday I noticed out of the corner of my eye a banner next to Kamera Obscura on Camberwell New Road which seemed to announce the opening of a new ‘local’ food shop… which I took to be of the organic / deli kind… (maybe wishful thinking?!) (Un)Fortunately the bus was going suprisingly fast so I didn’t get a better look at the sign.

    anyone else see it / could clarify for me…

  19. It will be a deli of sorts. They do want to sell organic and high quality food but they will also cater for all, just not enough money in a deli alone. They will have a paypoint and Western Union money transfers — great! Apparently the shop is quite large and they hope, one day, to serve coffee — ooooh

  20. Dagmar- finally brought Flavia back after her enforced stay in the country. Had a lovely trip down the picturesque Wye Valley to Chepstow,
    followed by an unlovely journey up the M4 trying to restrain the pedal foot. Somehow she managed to spring an oil leak, but made it to SE5 without
    blowing up remarkably. She is now sitting outside
    being shat on ungracefully, until we can get her to the doktor. It isn’t easy loving a beautiful, but tempramental Italian Lady of as certain age…but when she does go- she is mighty fine!

  21. Any deli is better than no deli…
    Although from your description sounds a bit like a cross between any of the shops selling olives on Camberwell Church Street (Paul’s, Cruson, Metro etc) and the afro barbers / money transfer shops
    Maybe a one stop shop?

  22. Off- topic, I know.

    But does anyone know if a Southwark freecycle group is going to be set up?

    Anyone care to volunteer to moderate it? I think that’s all it needs — someone with some free time.

  23. I think a Southwark one would be useful — it would reduce the number of offers we receive — but I’m afraid I’m not volunteering.

  24. Hi

    It is indeed a shame that there isnt a southwark site; I live bang on the lambeth border so i joined the lambeth group. I’ve both donated and collected with great joy on my part.A major aspect of my new bookshop will be to do with freecycling.

    The london group is certainly a rich source, but could mean a lot of conterproductive travelling to pick up; part of the freecycle ethos is it needs to be local.

    There must be a lot of free stuff in southwark, and it must presumably be getting ‘diluted’ on the london list, if it gets there at all.

    but i suspect the work involved might be a bit more than some spare time, otherwise i would have done it myself. and don’t ask, I’m busy setting up the bookshop thing.

    Drew Mishmash

    ps We going for a drink again soon?

  25. Alan: Bar Story was very pleasant. We got there just at the end of the happy hour so the bar was a bit of a crush but the atomosphere was great and the people friendly and it was totally unprententious unlike some of Camberwell’s bars. And it was only £4 for a really big bottle of Peroni which worked out pretty cheap. We’ll be going back for cocktails soon and to take advantage of the happy hour.

  26. I am already convinced. Will check it out at the next opportunity.

    Interesting that you think our bars are becoming a bit pretentious. I know what you mean but I like our ‘pretentious’ bars.

    I went to the Canning last night and they seem to have the same wallpaper as the Grove. They had it in The Old Dispensary too.

    I also went to view a flat on Saturday on Shenley Road and that had the same wallpaper too.

    The way things are going this wallpaper is going to take over the world or at least an accent wall of it.

  27. What is this wallpaper like? I want to wallpaper a section of my living room but can’t find the right paper…

    I once popped into Bar Story, but it felt weird. All metal and glass. My friend and I decided it wasn’t for us and turned right around and left. I like a pub to have bricks and, well, wallpaper I suppose!

  28. Not being funny but I’d rather not say. If I posted on here that I was buying that flat there’s a good chance that Buckoffski666 would smear a dirty protest down my tenant’s front door.

    It is a very nice flat.

  29. It is cool wallpaper. Not quite the one for me though.

    Alan Dale — why do you say I’ll be stripping it off in 6 months. Just that particular design, or are you saying the wallpaper in general is ‘so last season’?!

  30. Yes. An accent wall of flock patterned paper has been done to death. They’ve got it in The Dark Horse too.

    I think you should try and move away from the gastropub look. But as I said it’s really up to you!

  31. I really don’t want my living room to look like a gastropub!! Heaven forbid. I want a more minimal design, actually. A bit more subtle. Mind you, at the rate my decorating moves along, wallpaper really will have gone out of fashion by the time I get round to it.

    Ta for the internal decor tips, anyway Alan Dale. Ever considered your own property show, or a column in the local paper?!

  32. Sarah Beenie has nailed that. I’ll leave it to the pros.

    If you want interior design tips then you should take note of the Suarez homestead in Ugly Betty. I am not joking.

  33. It’s ridiculous but it’s nice ice-cream escapism.

    Did you know that there are full spoiler listings on Wikipedia? You can find out everything that is going to happen in advance.

  34. Paper’s Osborn and Little I think. A sign of the new Tory resurgence perhaps? Houses were going for 400–420k on Shenley a couple of years ago.

  35. I expect he’s planning to paper one wall of the drawing room at no. 11.

    So is the wallpaper designed by George Osborne in collaboration with Sid Little?

  36. Ok ‑it really is! Apart from the Sid Little bit.

    I am up to speed- sorry for the delay.

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