Church Street Hotel gets good PR

Thanks to everyone who bought to my attention the article in today’s Guardian regarding the Church Street Hotel. I may never get to stay there, but I can’t wait for the restaurant to open; the wife and I used to go there regularly back when it was Marbella, so we’re hoping that the food will be at least as good, if not better, under its new guise.

Should the owners read this and want to offer me a night in the hotel, or dinner, or both, in exchange for shamelessly biased promotion to all my readers worldwide, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Yes they should have a general open day for local residents, afterall some of us have relatives who come and visit and have to stay in hotels in Vauxhall or Lambeth…

  2. How much are hotels in Vauxhall or Lambeth? The Church Street Hotel looks fantastic, but I can’t help thinking the prices are somewhat misjudged and a tad high, considering the location.

  3. I’m back on my favourite subject, I know, but am I the only person who reads articles like the review of The Church Street Hotel and gets just an eensie weensie bit insulted when the writer talks about Camberwell (in this case, but South London, generally) as if it’s in Outer Mongolia. Amazing that they should ship langoustines all the way to Travelcard Zone 2 for the Dark Horse menu!

  4. Grilled lamb cutlets, baby vegetables — it sounds like Sweeney Todd. Langoustines! Camberwell has arrived. Nous sommes arrives. We are finally here. We are cheek by jowl with Famous Speeches introduced by Polly Toynbee. I have a dream. One small step for a man. We are it. We are a brand. We are a grandmother. It is us. It ‘R’ Us.

  5. Great work from the Radar Brothers. Hope they lift the lid off the South London hotel scene.

    But who needs a hotel when the Maudsley will put you up for nowt on Windsor Walk. That’s right it’s thoroughly squatted and they’ve served a section 6. Don’t know what that means but I’m guessing it’s bad.

    I don’t like squatters- unwashed middle class know it alls- but in this case they have my support. If those clowns at the Maudsley can’t do anything with this fine street then give it to the jugglers, layabouts and trainee legal aid solicitors to take ownership, sell on and get developed.

  6. Businesses like this get good PR like this cos they pay for it, with baksheesh & freebies. They haven’t even opened yet,for god sake — so how can they garner credit for their operation?
    All the best to them and I hope they do well enough to deserve real(not purchased) praise.

  7. The guys have done an amazing job. Their brave commitment deserves all the PR, local and wider support it will get.

    Prices are extremely reasonable. I’m not sure how many rooms there are, but I reckon they’ve got it spot on. Those sterile, homogenous budget hotels often cost the same or more. And it’s not just the ones in posh locations. Here we’ve got something special, and ORIGINAL.

    Agree with Mushti. How many snobby, slightly amusing clichés can be reinforced in one article? Do you think she squealed dramatically, poured herself another glass of wine and then cried down the phone to her girlfriend Clare when first told she had to go to horrible, scary Camberwell?

    Interestingly, had she not been a tube devotee she might have got a train to Denmark Hill and strolled down Camberwell Grove to the hotel, arriving not in the slightest bit “hot and dusty “.

  8. Camberwell is not exactly nice. When asked where you live and you say “Camberwell”, the response is never “How nice.” In fact the person has probably moved on to talk to someone else or even starting running down the street.

    Camberwell is better than that. The old Soho has long gone. Notting Hill oozes sophistication. Hoxton has gone digital. Camberwell, though, is full of life.

    Life is not always nice. Nature is ghastly. When God designed the trilobites and langoustine family, she must have been on the blob.

    I am sure the langoustines are dancing a prickly, crackly dance of delight in the deep-freeze at Dark Horse, in anticipation of being enjoyed by tourists from the Hotel.

    Good luck to them all. The hotel is great news for the whole of the area. Frozen fish are fresh when thawed, but the flesh of the fish is without the unique code that brought it from the water to the plate in the first place.

    People themelves regenerate every cell every eight years, but their own unique code remains.

    What I mean to say is, Camberwell is like the hotel itself: never will we say, “There is no Rumi at the inn.”

  9. I see the writer made her visit two days before the official opening. But it doesn’t look as though it’s open yet, officially or unofficially.

    I like the tiled steps into the hotel from the street.

  10. @ Dagmar — an odd reaction, you seem to get.

    Whenever I say to people I live in Camberwell they find it interesting and comment on how good it must be for commuting into central London.

    I get comments like “loads of bus routes”, “world renowned hospital” and “lots of famous or well known people live there”.

  11. I think I understand what Dagmar means in her very poetic posting above. Camberwell is very much full of life and not all aspects of life are pretty. Personally, I wouldn’t live anywhere else, though.

  12. What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

    Dagmar’s prose has left me floored, but if it means what I think it means, it was the frozen fish that brought me back to Camberwell. Hang on, that doesn’t make any sense.

  13. Does anyone know anything more about (what I presume to be) the shooting / other incident on Coldharbour Lane on Sunday/ Monday?

    Whilst walking to the Sun and Doves yesterday evening I noticed there was lots of Police tape which seemed to be on the Denmark/ Lilford Road side. Anyione have any further information or should I wait for the South London Press

  14. Yes — I came across a Guardian journalist. I didn’t like the look of her so I popped a cap in her ass.

  15. I agree with the comments above — I’m very pleased for the hotel that they’re getting publicity, but was increasingly irritated with the journalist the more I read.

    I’m not bleedin’ surprised she arrived “hot and dusty” after walking from Oval. Did she wonder what all the big, red vehicles were driving past as she walked?

    The whole tone was astonishingly patronising and made me despair for my own profession.

  16. A detective came canvassing for Witnesses along the short stretch of Coldharbour where I live. Answering the door was the first I’d heard of it. He called it a ‘shooting incident’. I didn’t have anything useful to say as I’d been at the other end of my flat with the TV on. When I thought more about it I remember hearing a series of loud pops in quick succession earlier that day, but you hear so many bangs round there that I dismissed it. The acoustics of all those flats brings in noise from the Hospital and the Industrial estate like they were happening in the yard out back.

    When I looked out the window after he’d gone I could see the road was closed off and police were patrolling. Inside the area they’d taped off was a discarded bike which had tape on it too.

  17. Apparently it was a shooting or at least a suspected shooting — according to a post on the Urban75 website ( it was at one of the blocks on Lilford Road near to Coldharbour Lane between 4 and 5pm yesterday which led to the Police cordoning off Coldharbour Lane 100 metres either side.

  18. I live at the Loughborough Junction end and the police told us there were reports of gun shots.…

    Rumours of a Guardian being involved were unconfirmed!

  19. I heard it was a drive-by.

    Has anyone tried the sushi from The Fusion yet?

    I almost got dragged in there last night after I glanced in the window on my way to The Flying Fish.

  20. I heard that it was a drive by shooting at 5.30pm, That the boy was on a bike at the corner of Lydford and Coldharbour, he was shot by someone in a stolen car both vehicles where there at 6.30pm when I tried to walk down to the Sun and Doves from Southwell Road it was all closed off. I live 300yds from there and didn’t hear any shots perhaps because it was very windy, I have tried to find out what injuries the boy had, as usual there was nothing on the London news and the police wouldn’t tell us what had happened. There is blood on the pavement,I hope that the victim is OK, This is a busy road and broad daylight!

  21. Gah! More comments got stuck in the filter without me seeing them. They should all be cleared now; apologies to anyone who left a comment and didn’t see it appear.

  22. Girls being slashed at bus stops…Drive by shootings in the middle of the day…Police station closed…
    Bloody hell.

  23. And there’s nowhere decent to watch the football.

    I’ll let you know about the sushi but the jury is definitely out for now…

  24. “Popped a cap in her ass,” got it, Oliver. I thought, that’s not where you put a cap, you silly boy. But I looked it up on Urbandictionary. That’s quite funny — a Guardian journalist dissed your langoustines. So. Boom-boom, bye-bye.

    It is this kind of petulance and gun crime that add spice to Camberwell. Maybe the Camberwell Tourist Board should tape off streets anyway. Maybe they do.

  25. I like to randomly tape off both ends of my street its funny.

  26. Frozen fish. When I tell people I live in Camberwell they usually (more often than not) think I live near Sandhurst (this is a true statement of my experience although I admit it doesn’t happen as often as it did).

    Something else that doesn’t happen as often as it should is that violent crime in this area doesn’t get reported in the press (I don’t read the press or watch television much so I’m only reporting what people have told me)

    Guns shot off in Coldharbour Lane as above (I saw that taping aftermath). Not reported.

    Murder in house in Brixton Saturday night — man shot in head at close range. Not reported.

    Stabbing in telephone kiosk outside Iceland Camberwell Road last night about 7pm. Not reported.

    (near Sandhurst = Camberley)

    A bit like sushi from the Fusion I guess

  27. Camberley is a garrison town once called Yorktown which grew up around the gates of Sandhurst, the officers’ college. Camberley is now where Deepcut Barracks is, famous for its bullying and deaths. Camberley is not posh Surrey. Bros and Five Star are from the area. The Spice Girls lived together there for a while.

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