Denmark Hill to be a tube station by 2010?

This one slipped past me in the festive flurry…

According to the SLP, discussions are underway to bring the East London Line extension forward to 2010. This would extend from Surrey Quays station to Clapham Junction, passing through Denmark Hill. There are a planned four trains per hour (does this mean four per hour in each direction, or two in each direction for a total of four? I think the former).

It’s not all good news, however, as the same article says the London Bridge — Victoria service could be cut five years later. While a connection to Clapham Junction would be very welcome, I would use connections to London Bridge and Victoria much more frequently.

Decisions are to be made shortly.

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  1. If that is true, then it’s fantastic news, a great way to start the year — I’d like to think that TFL have seen sense and have realised that it would be petty and foolish to delay the extension to Clapham Junction…The cost of the project is almost entirely cosmetic and low-cost — only a minor section of viaduct needs to be built at South Bermondsey to create Surrey Canal Road station and join onto the loop through to Denmark Hill…

    Who knows? Maybe one day they might get around to adding an extra station at Loughborough Junction…That really would be fantastic…

  2. On all these issues of local transport, shopping, health, parking — it really needs people who live here to get involved, even if only by completing questionnaires, like the shopping survey — Roanna put the link on the previous thread — go on! do it if you haven’t already:,news,1001,185,00.htm

    On trains, the Victoria — London Bridge link is very likely to go unless a lot of concerted local pressure is applied.

    There is need of more space at London bridge for commuter trains from Kent and the loop service is likely to cease to make extra capacity for out-of-Londoners.

    SE5 Forum has been involved in work on this, I’ll ask the transport person to provide more information here and on

  3. Mark — Last year, I suspected that the removal of the Victoria — London Bridge Loop might be sweetened by bringing the ELL extension forward — a direct link to Victoria is handy though, I can see why a lot of people will be upset…

  4. Yes euse very perceptive I thought I recalled your saying something like that…

    Just got a message from Beverley Carpenter — who does large scale projections onto buildings as here -

    She’s in Camberwell again soon for a project of projections onto the magistrates courts and needs good value, cheap, accommodation from January 14 — 19. Can anyone help?

    She’s a very nice person by the way, as well as being a great artist.

    Anyone can send me a private message at mark@​sunanddoves.​co.​uk and I can put her in touch.

  5. I have written to my (Lambeth) Councillors, London Assembly Member (Val Shawcross) and MP (Kate Hoey) to ask them to lobby for a stop at Loughborough Junction. Only Val replied. Might be useful if others contacted their representatives.

    The arguments against are that the North/South Line is too high and that building a station would take out some of the employment in the Loughborough Junction industrial estate.

    There is an interesting design for a new station at Deptford which is clamped onto the listed viaduct which could provide a solution in LJ. See
    Also, not sure how much employment currently provided by the LJ industrial estate — seems to be lots of churches! Surely a station at LJ would create more new jobs than would be lost?

  6. houseprices:

    Per the update on there are now 10 properties that have sold for £1million pounds or more in Camberwell. That puts us on level pegging with East Dulwich…

    Back to LJ. would be a good addition to ELL extension. Should also get tram loop to join Peckham and Brixton terminuses…

  7. Happy new Year all.

    Good to hear about the ELL. Still feel strongly that Camberwell Green needs some kind of connection to the outside world that doesn’t run on tyres though. In my opinion LJ is blumming lucky to have Thameslink (and thus be in line to benefit from the £5.5bn investment in the service) given how little’s there by comparison and its proximity to Brixton.

    For purely selfish reasons I’d be gutted if the London Bridge-Victoria route was scrapped and have jumped up and down accordingly. However I’m sure it could be argued that current transport provision is so poor that nothing should be taken away.

  8. Over Christmas I was thinking about how Camberwell centre could be improved transport-wise.

    My blue skies thinking (but achievable I think with a bit of political will and funding) ideal would be for the area where the bus garage is on Camberwell Road / Camberwell New Road to be redeveloped to create a new Camberwell railway station together with a bus interchange and room for expansion when (if) the tram and underground come — a kind of Vauxhall Cross type interchange.

    Then I would move all the bus stops around the Green — eg on Church St and outside McDonalds — to the interchange which would make the pavements more free and stop the conflict between people passing through and people waiting for buses.

    In addition ultimately if possible I would like to pedestrianise Camberwell Road near the Green so that the shops on that road are not so cut off from the rest of Camberwell but would form part of the wider green area, and I would restore the bingo hall to cinema use and implement various other improvements that would make Camberwell town centre ‘gel’ more.

  9. Alan -

    I was going to go last night — but I suspected they might be a bit short after christmas…What is it with Sainsbury’s and their stock management system?

  10. Happy New Year to all.

    The Camberwell Daily on Clarendon Terrace is stocked plentifully with organic, fair trade and fresh produce, even at this festive time. It can be supplemented with trips to the MACOM Abidjan Market, for some French practice and directly imported Bordeaux, crepes and Lu biscuits, and the Co-op as an excellent back-up if the Daily runs out of organic milk etc.… C’est byang bong.

    There is semi-official parking in the rear access road from Wyndham Road leading behind Clarendon Terrace.

    They don’t do calves’ liver yet, however.

  11. Anyone know anything about the Peabody Estate. A friend is looking to buy a 2 bed flat and saw one in there for £199,000. Seems like a good price but what is the estate like?

  12. @16 — it is amazing. I don’t know of anything quite like it in all of South London.

    Go down Camberwell New Road towards the Oval, turn right at Wyndham Road (i.e. just after Clarendon Terrace) and it is directly on your left, in a blaze of dark green to the right of Camberwell Beds Corner.

  13. @Alan — do you mean the houses overlooking the Green? Is that called Peabody Estate? I know it’s owned by the Peabody Trust, but didn’t know it was called that.

  14. I think I remember seeing one or two of those flats for sale a few months ago, when I was browsing property websites (or ‘doing an Alan’, as it’s become known); they looked nice and were pretty cheap, but I’m not sure I’d want to live on top of the Green.

  15. The Green has been greatly improved in the last two years.

    Camberwell Green is the next Hoxton Square you know..

  16. I would advise with the Peabody to check out the service charge and whether there are ‘Decent Homes’ improvements due on the building or whether they have already been done. Private leasholders are liable to contribute to the cost of improvements and this can add up to several thousand pounds depending on what needs to be done — see

  17. Went to Caravaggio for a coffee last night. Doing well. Cool crowd of trendy urbanites in the restaurant. A bit to cool for me in my office casuals but I think I got away with it..


  19. Just found a beautiful very healthy looking, but sadly, dead fox in Denmark Road.

    No scrawny beast but a solid well looked after animal that deserved a longer life.


    Disposed of in two bin bags then tossed into a municipal 1100 litre wheelie bin.

    Anyone know of a taxidermist wanting a good specimen?

  20. The Dagmar family returned to Camberwell today penniless on a £1‑a-mile breakdown truck. Out in the country, some ex-London friends, who now have a small smallholding, talked of two geese they kept. A local fox bit the heads off both geese just for the hell of it. The countryfolk said eat the geese anyway — the newcomers had merely been saved the business of festively terminating them. To snap the head off a goose out of sheer lust for life… Fantastic! It’s no wonder that attractive women are commonly called “foxes”!


  21. Gross picture!

    Went to the Bear again this weekend. No sign of the Anglet but they did have vegetarian haggis with neeps. Self explanatory.

    Also tried the pork in Betel leaves at Buddha jazz this weekend. I really like it in there. They haven’t got high chairs but were extremely friendly to the kids nevertheless..

  22. @ 31 There’s something about that photo I really like…

    Dissappointed by the lack of free range/happy animal meat in Somerfields Ms Standingby and I made the trek over the hill to Sainsburys where we promptly spent a fortune on real ales and ciders to experiment with. I’m particularly looking forward to the Banana Bread Beer that I’ve heard mentioned here previuosly.

    It’s good to see that Camberwell Daily should be able to help us out in guilt free food purchasing in an emergency.

  23. I was in the Grove yesterday at about 5- 6pm, there were only about 10 people in the place, felt pretty empty and lacking in atmosphere.
    Also that room out the back is odd, very incongruent with the rest of the place’s feel and decor, and it smelt funny.
    Toilets didn’t quite get it right either.
    Oh well the pear Bulmers was very nice.

  24. @34 — It is probably the crimson blood you’re attracted to. Very bright.

    For free range/happy animal meat, you want to make the short trip to Peckham farmers market on Sunday mornings. We went there again this weekend, it’s fantastic. There’s a bread stall, a cheese stall, a vegetable stall, and a meat stall; all are highly recommended.

    We didn’t buy any meat this time as our freezer is full, but we bought some delicious blue cheddar, young buffalo mozzarella, granary rye bread, some earthy potatoes and assorted veg. Total cost: about £10.

  25. yes we did!
    well actually, we were trying to see if Guess who had become more PC than it was when I was a young’un

  26. Surely it’s up to the questionner as to how PC the game is.

    That said if you’re overly PC you’ll never finish it.

  27. I can’t see any game being PC apart from maybe pheasant you’ve run over in your own Tourareg or X5 by accident. The pheasants are fat at this time of year in the countryside — I haven’t seen one in Camberwell yet — and so colourful. They are from Iran, originally, when it was Persia, I believe. They look like gorgeous carpet patterns.

    Was that a staged fox photograph, the sort they used to use in ads to promote women wearing fur? It sort of looked like Eartha Kitt on a red carpet at a premiere.

    Shittake mushrooms, that’s what you want.

  28. Dulwich Hamlet v Chatham Town
    Kick off 3pm Saturday 12th January

    The boys are in 5th place currently occupying a play-off position — They have a run of 4 consecutive games at home so I encourage everyone to attend plus drag along any of your friends,partners,lovers or mistresses who have never been to see ye olde local village team — Lets see if we can encourage them to obtain 12 points out of 12.

    Dover Athletic will be tough opposition, they are top and have lost just once all season. The Met Police who are in 4th place (no doubt they have realised football is much safer than dealing with some of the inner-city youth) and Walton and Hersham who have a good bunch of fans and provide much mirth wherever they go. And then of course we have the team that started it all — the world famous Corinthian Casuals…Maybe we should all turn up for that game with immaculately brylcreamed hair whilst sporting a fake Victorian handlebar moustache as well as a walking cane…Maybe we could have some cream teas in Dulwich Village beforehand as well!

    Upcoming fixtures at Champion Hill

    26.01.08 Walton and Hersham (H)
    29.01.08 Metropolitan Police (H)
    02.02.08 Dover Athletic (H)
    05.02.08 Corinthian Casuals (H)

  29. @37 wouldnt it be great if we could have a Camberwell farmers’ market? The pedestrianised road (is it Daneville Road?) behind the Butterfly Walk Somerfield would be a great location

  30. Ooh yes drive up the house prices in the ‘village’! I imagine there would be a lot of demand from people on Grove Lane/ Camberwell Grove and surrounding streets. Somerfield might not be too happy though but it might force them to sharpen up their act.

    Practically I guess someone would need to contact Southwark to suggest the idea.

    Do Southwark like Lambeth have Town Centre Managers responsible for the different areas within the borough? Or is there a council officer with specific responsibility for Camberwell town centre? Does anyone know how the Peckham farmers’ market got established?

  31. Southwark does not have town centre managers like Lambeth. Stan Dubeck leads on Camberwell regeneration for the council but I am not sure what his exact title is.

  32. There was a ‘continental’ market on Camberwell Green last year which wasn’t well supported, by all accounts. The farmers market at Peckham isn’t exactly chocka with customers, and there’s now a farmers market in Oval, I believe. I find it unlikely that we could support three farmers markets in such a small area (although I’d love to be proved wrong).

  33. On another note this weekend Mayor of London Ken is offering everyone up to 2 free energy efficient lightbulbs if you take old ones into branches of B&Q and exchange them — see so it looks like I will be making the journey to Old Kent Road again

    Being cynical do I detect an election in the near future at which Ken will portray himself as the green mayor?

  34. The landlord of the Redcap, when it was the gay Redcap, or “Old Cock”, used to take care of his simpering, boyish bar staff in those rooms — kinda boy-rent heaven.

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