Denmark Hill to be a tube station by 2010?

This one slipped past me in the festive flurry…

According to the SLP, discussions are underway to bring the East London Line extension forward to 2010. This would extend from Surrey Quays station to Clapham Junction, passing through Denmark Hill. There are a planned four trains per hour (does this mean four per hour in each direction, or two in each direction for a total of four? I think the former).

It’s not all good news, however, as the same article says the London Bridge — Victoria service could be cut five years later. While a connection to Clapham Junction would be very welcome, I would use connections to London Bridge and Victoria much more frequently.

Decisions are to be made shortly.

Author: Peter

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  1. @43 SE5 Forum, Camberwell Arts and Camberwell Neighbourhood Renewal were behind the pilot Arts & Craft market on Camberwell Green in 1996 and 1997. The trials worked well, each blessed with good weather and grant support from local authority and other sources. Repeating the exact format on an often and regular basis would not be financially sustainable without such support and there are strict limitations to Camberwell Green being used for such activities throughout the year.

    Following the pilots it seemed clear that a broader range of goods would be needed to attract more footfall and Farmers’ market inclusion would be essential…

    The next challenge was to find a location that could be used and managed on a frequent weekly basis successfully without disturbing residents and numerous planning/legal difficulties. Then bringing together the logistics work and the right range and balance of traders in advance to make the imagined market a success from the outset, and finding the necessary funds to get it off the ground. And so on.

    Since then talks have been talked with experienced market operators about a possible market at Daneville Road, as it’s such an obvious contender although being tucked away rather discretely marketing effectively would be essential. Don’t know what stage it’s at now.

    @46 Stan Dubeck is Camberwell Neighbourhood Renewal manager.

    @47 I missed the continental market on the Green but from memory it was not well enough publicised in advance. As for the Peckham and Oval markets plus a third being not viable Peter is on the mark as usual. My view is that Camberwell Green would be the perfect site, if suitably adapted, to attract all comers — stall holders and customers — from a very wide area and it has easy overspill space onto the piazza in front of the courts and across Camberwell Road id the market were to really take off. Daneville Road is also an excellent location and — if well organised and operated — there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be strong enough competition to attract stallholders and customers from other locations and be the market to visit on a weekend. Cowling and Wilcox and Great Expectations could be the gatekeepers of one end of the market and pedestrian circulation though Butterfly Walk and up and down Grove Lane would improve shopping footfall all round… The owners of Butterfly Walk would no doubt have to be involved.

    @48 Ken Livingstone has existing well established strong green credentials.

    @49/50 Father Red Cap I might be tempted to move in; whatever, it should have remained a gay venue but much smarter and more upmarket. I had several great nights in there with gay friends before the demise of its longstanding esoteric incarnation. It would have worked brilliantly as a contemporary gay bar. But the Dog Star boyos took it on with no idea or understanding of Camberwell and just went for short term disco money and blew a historic landmark out the water.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just recently moved to Camberwell and discovered this fantastic blog.
    It’s good new to see that the denmark Hill station may be part of the overground improvement scheme.
    But I was wondering why there is no plan to reopen the Camberwell station along the Thameslink tracks? This station existed already and is now used a a garage and there is quite a long distance between Elephan and castle station and longborough Junction. Does anyone know if the reopenenig of this station is programmed in the thameslink improvement scheme?
    I think it would be a great and very cheap (with an excellent value of money :-)) way to improve the transport links in Camberwell. Reopenning and upgrading the Camberwell station would mean access to central London in just a few minutes (just around 3 minutes to Elephant and castle instead of 20 minute now with the bus. It would also help reduciing the number of bus lines that “pollute” the Walworth and Camberwell Road.
    So has this idea been already mentionned? Why is it not progressing and hy is no one talking about it?

  3. Welcome Denis!

    I think everyone here would agree with you about the station — we have dsicussed it on several occasions and Southwark Council, our GLA member Valerie Shawcross and probably Ken would agree with you and us — it would be a comparatively minor cost and would ease congestion etc etc etc.

    However there was talk from Network Rail of having to shut Loughborough Junction if they reopened Camberwell which no body wants. Do a search on the archive and you will see the discussions about it and also on the SE5 forum website.

    I think its to do with Network Rail priorities — the Mayor of London doesnt actually have control over the tracks or rail companies (he has just gained control of the Richmond — East London ‘overgorund’m bit and has plans for otehr stations but the Thameslink and Denamrk Hill lines are still run by the train operators not Transport for London. He does however have a power of persuasion nad political power which I remain convinced would be enough to bring the station to Camberwell — maybe we should demand answerrs from Ken, local councillors, local MPs.

  4. Mumu — I agree that the question of whether Ken, and all the other mayoral candidates, would press hard for the reopening of Camberwell Rail Station, should be posed before the mayoral elections.

    The argument should be put in the context of freight transport to local business, as Network Rail have considered it in a commuter context, and rejected it.

    If we can secure this commitment from the victorious candidate, I anticipate serious inward investment in Camberwell throughout the credit crunch, as the local SE5 economy is separate to the house price slump we are seeing.

  5. No candidate for Mayor will make Camberwell an issue. They may pay a bit of lip service if cornered but it ain’t a big piece of the victory pie.

    Oh great! The 36 is harrowing in daylight. Can’t wait to see what it’s like at 2am.

    LAME: No one reported on Alex James from Blur on Question Time last week. A prize to the person who completes his retort re: Jaqui’s famed visit to Peckham for a kebab.

    ‘She should’ve have gone…’

  6. “She should have of gone to Camberwell, instead, for a nice, plump Kennedy’s sausage before they were disgracefully taken off of the nation’s menu. Gorblimey.”

  7. A bit right, but mostly wrong Dags, which is par for the course.

    ‘She should’ve gone to Camberwell where the kebabs are much better.’

    Dunno where. But there’s our claim to fame. A national audience reminded we’re in the same mess as Peckham but with better kebabs. Lock those doors!!

  8. Don’t know. Blessed are the cheesemakers? QT with AJ was like watching matthew paris try to hold down blur’s rhythm section. jacqui smith does live in peckham, so i’d expect her to score her kebabs from that hood.

  9. Not sure if she’s still there. Choumert Road was crawling with bluebottles a while back but they’ve gone now. Thought it might have been security for the new job but maybe she’d just dropped her kebab.

  10. Anyway, Waitrose in Camberwell.

    Yes, there was a Waitrose in Camberwell in 1921. Addington Square. John Lewis archives don’t have much information but call it a branch providing additional warehousing, although the reference they provided refers to it as ‘Head Office’.

    Choice picnic hams at sevenpence ha’pny a pound and breakfast eggs at a penny each or seven for a tanner. You’d have to go to Lidl for that nowadays.

  11. Thank you everyone for your answers.
    I had imagined that in the current context of railways in the UK and especially in london, this very simple and cost effective reopenning couldn’t happen.
    It’s quite a shame for the area (even if like someone said, it would increase rents and price of flats).
    About Network Rail’s argument, I do not agree as it is possible to open Camberwell Station and keep loughbourough Junction open. The solution is just to operate better trains. I’ve seen the RER in Paris (very long trains) that stop and accelerate like the tube! I’m sure it’s also achievable in the UK.
    But I guess the first step would be that TfL takes the control over all the london commuter railway routes. This change would switch the main purpose of railways from raising revenues (for train companies to provide an efficient transport service to Londoners.
    So thanks again for you reply and thanks for the links.

  12. Johnny — Re: 36 being a 24 hour bus — you need to get out more!! It’s been a night bus for years and i used it since moving to London nearly ten years ago without incident (well apart from the time a young chap with very low slung trousers fell over when the bus lurched round the corner at vauxhall and showed everyone on the bus his bare behind!!)

    Good news it’s going to be a 24 hour bus for many people on Camberwell new Road it’s their only nightbus.

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