Faded glories and wild schemes

Hello, everyone. *Tut.* Politics, eh?

Right, I don’t want this to turn into the Le Petit Parisien blog, I just wanted to say that I went there for dinner on Saturday and had a delicious lamb shank, while the wife enjoyed a really good steak. Definitely worth a visit, even though I think they’ve set their price point a little high; but then, I think that of almost everywhere I eat.

If I could make one small suggestion to them: get some more typical French specials on. I’m a huge fan of hearty classics like boeuf bourguignon, so seeing something like that would have made my night.

On to other matters: I may just have come up with a plan to recapture the faded glories of SE5; let’s bottle and sell Camber Well water! The famous restorative nature of the waters would go down a treat with today’s health-conscious, work-hard play-hard middle classes.

By the way, those aforementioned faded glories may well be represented in the Lost Southwark exhibition at The Cuming Museum. If topic for debate should ever be required, try this: my contention is that no post-WWII building in SE5 has added positively to the area’s character; discuss.

Camberwell Library is Southwark Council’s Library of the Month! There’s a series of events on throughout June, although it’s almost the 10th already so you’ve missed some of them.

If I may move on to housekeeping matters briefly:

First, I may try out a new commenting system shortly. Nothing radical, but it should allow for more flexibility in discussion. I’m sure you won’t be timid in letting me know your feelings about it.

Second, I am still looking for contributors, no matter how occasional. Mail me (peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk) if interested.

Enjoy your days off, anyone who is using the tube strike as an excuse not to go to work.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. “59 Lyndhurst Grove” is a Pulp song that to this day is perceptive about the bourgeois, East-Dulwichy mores of that area.

  2. We decided on JJs on Saturday night. Excellent food, great price and lovely hosts. We were a little alarmed when we arrived laden down with beer to find that they’d become fully licensed but they were happy enough to let us drink our own as we pleaded (genuine) ignorance to the change. At £40 to fill four of us to near bursting point that place is a Camberwell gem!

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an online programme for this year’s Camberwell Arts Festival?

  3. Mark I saw you being interviewed in a couple of YouTube videos that went up last week on Business in Camberwell. Some interesting opinions from various business owners including the franchisee of McDonalds and the owner of The Castle.


    There are also videos about Crime in Camberwell featuring some of our councillors, and one on artists in the area. Wonder if they’ll turn it into a proper series of clips?

  4. Talking of Camberwell music, Camberwell Green is one of the sites for a street piano as part of the London Street Piano week starting 19 June. More details here: http://www.streetpianos.com/london2009/.

    Will anyone play Mendessohn’s “Spring Song” (originally entitled “Camberwell Green”) on it I wonder?

  5. The Scratch Singers, the Piano on the Green, and the re-opening of Myatts Fields event — all mentioned by various people above — are part of this year’s Camberwell Art’s Festival.

    Check out what else is going on here:
    http://www.camberwellarts.org.uk/ (scroll the bottom navigation bar to the middle if the text isn’t centred!).

    One of this year’s themes is ‘Make Your Own Damn Festival!’ — the idea being that YOU get stuck in and be a bit creative. Or just turn up and egg others on to do so. Enjoy!

  6. I live in Denmark Road and heard sirens at about 11pm — but thougth it was just the ambulances cutting through to the hospital as they often do at night.

    From the reports it sounds as if it was a gang thing as police seemed to indicate they knew who the victim was and appeared to have arrested the perpertrator very quickly.

  7. There are sirens all the time. All day and all bloody night. 2am and later. First thing I wake up to sometimes. I’m so tired of it. I blamed the pigs for a long time but I think it’s more the ambulances, just. Next time I move somewhere I will watch out for this. I hate it, for me it’s one of the worst things about this area. The constant f–king wail of some drama going on in the background. Most folk I have brought to SE5 have commented on it. The last pair to do so were from Brixton. So if they say it’s bad, then it’s bad.

  8. To be fair Phil you kind of have to expect lots of sirens when you move next to one of Londons largest A&E units!!

  9. I don’t live anywhere near it. That’s the thing. And why do they need to run sirens at 2am? Though we know that plod does it for kicks, or to finish their shift on time. Anyway, we’ve been here…

    Mark — what’s the word with the pizza?

  10. Anyone know when the shiny sparkling new Morrisons is opening? When the Somerfield shut there was a notice up saying that the new Morrisons would open on 13 June but when I walked past yesterday it looked like it was no where near completion

  11. Morrisons is going to enhance SE5. God bless Morrisons. Cos they’re northern they do some interesting stuff too, like haslet, and potted beef. Yum.

  12. Re Sirens — I believe one of the cocky phrases’ for sirens is ‘Camberwell Carols’ so they are evidently notorious in this area.

  13. The Somerfield in Croydon closed the same day as the Somerfield in Camberwell. There the similarities end as the one in Croydon re-opened as a Waitrose three weeks ago. Can only assume Morrisons are converting on the cheap unless they plan to open as part of the Arts Festival.

    Congratulations to the Festival organisers for the advance publicity which came through the door today, a long scroll, similar to a medieval church roll.

  14. Carole, Hannah, Liliana, Dagmar… the sirens of Camberwell, luring sailors to their deaths, but what a way to go.

    Welling — “the place of the spring” in Old English — has always suffered from once having had the BNP headquarters there. There is still has a shop called Bulldog Leisurewear and a shop called Fusion (normally a cross-cultural word) which sells brands with names like “Gelled Hair Bonehead” or whatever. The high street is on the old Roman Road Watling Street and has many charity shops. There is a shop called Nuxley Toys. There is a pet shop called “BitesnStrikes” which sells snakes, reptiles and arachnids.

    However there is also these days a fabulous shop called “Follie Tosh Variety Store” which is owned by a lady called Folake Omotosho, which must explain the fabulous name Follie Tosh.

    http://www.vandalstreetwear.com in nearby Bellingham sell hip hop, skate and street wear all in one place and you can use the barber services to complete your look.

  15. If anyone hasn’t tried the new Turkish restaurant on Camberwell Church St, F.M. Mangal (no 54), you should. Fantastic staff — we were given complimentary turkish delight, starters, and watermelon to finish our meal. The food is all cooked in front of you on a charcoal grill, and smells amazing. They also have the best bread I have ever tasted in my life, have been thinking about it for days now!

  16. Seconding the recommendation for Mangal on Camberwell Church Street. don’t be put off by the elephant-leg-kebab sign — the food’s cooked on a traditional turkish charcoal grill, the kebabs are excellent, the service is very friendly, even the Turkish wine is pretty good. best new addition to the High St in ages.

  17. Thirding the recommendation for Mangal. Went there for the first time tonight — great food at reasonable prices, with good service to boot. Very generous portions too. An excellent newcomer to Camberwell!

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