Parading like Peacocks

So the new Peacocks clothes shop has opened on the former Woolworths and 99p Shop site on Denmark Hill

(Photo taken last week prior to opening)

I feel that this is a positive addition to the local shopping scene — maybe not clothing to everyones taste but I’m sure useful for lots of people. The best thing is that its increases the diversity of shops available in the town centre and it is not another fried chicken, betting, nails or off licence shop — not that I have anything against these shops but we do seem to have several of these types already.

In other news whilst walking to Sophocles bakery today I see that a new Polish delicatessan is due to open on Camberwell Church Street approximately opposite the Jungle Cafe — this I hope will be a useful addition to the area.

And I read in the South London Press last week (and its been mentioned here) that the Antic Pub Co are considering opening up a microbrewery in  the Tiger Pub. This would be fantastic news for the local area — imagine sipping a pint of Camberwell Tiger as you watch the world go by.  A quick google shows (see the results here) that in olden days (ie 19th century) the Camberwell Brewery Company established in 1860 and owned by Mr Richard Ray was located on Camberwell Green producing beer for the local market — it was taken over in 1895 by the company that eventually became Marstons and closed at some point but it may have even stood on the current Tiger site?

And in other Camberwell news I have just come back from a very sunny Glastonbury Festival where Camberwell’s own Florence and the Machine played an amazing set to 50,000+ people.

And finally do not miss the Big Dance at various locations across London this weekend — including events in Myatts Fields and Ruskin Park. See the latest edition of Lambeth Life (available online or pick up a copy at any Lambeth library or council office) for further details.

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  1. Is the ice cream at the SLG Gelato Delight?

    The best ice cream I have tasted in ages.

    And made in Camberwell too.

    I knew someone who was living at a guardian in the Paulet Arms after it was closed down. According to her, they got closed down because on health grounds and couldn’t afford/didn’t want to pay the fines or pay for the work to clean up. I saw the kitchen and can honestly say that anyone who ever had the misfortune to eat there and is still alive must have guts of steel. It was absolutely foul.

  2. The world of my little bit of Coldharbour Lane settles back to normality today. We’re having problems with our mail list programme and the website at exactly the same time as Flickr has changed its format. Change change change, humbug, so here’s a snapshot:

    Private View Tomorrow. Tuesday 13 July an excellent show called ‘WITHOUT GLOSS’, to which you are all invited of course. There will be some rather decent wine available at just £1.50 a glass — to help fund exhibitions — and rather fine work for sale too:

    Wednesday is the all new format quiz: exactly the same as before but a lot different at the same time. NOW there’s prizes for everyone. I don’t understand the math but apparently it works for all of us… I haven’t got a handy link for the new image because I had to leave to pick the children up from school just before I could convert it into a jpeg;

    The Quiz? 8pm at The Sun and Doves every Wednesday (football free zone).

    Thursday 15 July 3pm — 5pm Business Tea and Biccies — if you’re in business in SE5 make Camberwell YOUR business — the launch of Camberwell Business Forum under the awning in the garden of The Sun and Doves. Come and have some fun in the errr, sun?

    Here’s the poster

  3. I used to know a Paulet crew, Monkeycat, who attended the famous lock-ins and lived in the street. One of them now lives in Totnes, the Camberwell of Devon.

  4. Totnes certainly is the Camberwell of Devon but I recall there being more bed and breakfasts there.

    There used to be a fish & chip stall in Totness that did great curry sauce and crispy chips with batter bits dropped from the fish.

  5. @ Phil G, tried Brockwell Lido a few weeks ago before the current good weather and it was lovely! Bit of a shock when first diving in, but it’s probably warmed up a bit since. Sure it will get very busy with the school holidays if this good weather continues ‘tho. I’d get there before lunchtime if I were you

  6. @PhilG: Was at Brockwell Lido on Friday — water temp was 23.9C. Happy days.

    As others have said, get there early (particularly on weekends) to make the most of it.

  7. @ Mumu. The Red Gate is pretty useless at advertising itself. Would have liked to have had a gander at this but don’t have the time now! 🙁

  8. As well as the Red Gate Gallery exhibition regarding the Great British Pub…

    There is also an exhibition regarding the great lost cinemas of South London at The Carnegie Library on Herne Hill Road…

    The photos are by David Freeman a resident of Lambeth who used to be a projectionist for many of the cinemas…

    It is there until the end of the month


  9. “In Transylvania” is presumably, er, oh never mind.

    The new SLG package is just great, isn’t it, Pinkerwell? I like “flimsy arsy gay boys louching airily over their capriciousness”.

    Did anyone see Twinkle Brothers at the Lambeth County Penitentiary? Toots and the Maytals and the magnificent Lee Scratch Perry were on at the Barbican, of all places, last night.

  10. @Dagmar, yes, spent two fun days in Brockwell Park this weekend. The Twinkle Brothers and the Alabamas were terrific!

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