The Burgess Park Food Project

NB: In lieu of a new post from me, here’s an email I received from the Friends of Burgess Park recently. I’m struggling for time, so if anyone would like to contribute a new post, please get in touch.

You may be aware of the Burgess Park Food Project, a new community garden and food project being established on the Surrey Canal Walk. A separate group supported by the Friends, they are half way through a funding bid, and a thorough consultation is needed to ensure they properly represent local needs. A copy of the questionnaire is online here.

We’d appreciate if you could fill in the form and return it to burgessfoodproject@​gmail.​com or drop a completed form at East St or Peckham Library or Brothers Food and Wine on the bridge on Trafalgar Avenue. Alternatively, come to the open day on Saturday 11th June and see what’s going on.

Please feel free to pass the form on. The more ideas and support received, the more representative the project will be.

For more information about the site and project, please have a look at our website

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57 thoughts on “The Burgess Park Food Project”

  1. Would have to agree regarding the Crooked Well. Popped in for a drink on Thursday night and it looks great — the space is just a lot more inviting than Le Petit Parisien. Went back tonight to try out the food and was impressed — had the rabbit and bacon pie which was delicious. Very friendly and welcoming staff — will be back again soon to sample more of the menu.

  2. Great food at the Crooked Well. Really liked it. They’ve done a good job with the decor too and the pub/bar seating area is better than before. Lookswise, it’s now perhaps CWell’s finest dining room?

    Enjoyed our mains. Tad pricey — think Bear prices — but worth it.

    Wonder if they haven’t missed a trick by not pitching at Tiger menu prices.

  3. Bit confused… Crooked Well’s website/twitter touts their independence; but their licensing application etc is all in the name of Punch Taverns PLC?

  4. Punch own the freehold and leases the pub to the guys who invest all the money in their own business, which they operate in Punch’s property. The guys take all the risk and Punch try to take all the profit. That is why pubs are failing everywhere.

    By the by on that note the forfeiture hearing on my lease at The Sun and Doves is on Monday 28 June at Lambeth County Court. Not sure how long it will be but I’ll be out on my ear not long after that. Bankrupt with no job, no income, no assets, no savings, no pension and starting out again at 52 after sixteen wonderful years in Camberwell. Don’t say I didn’t tell you — no one ever believes what I tell them. All I’ve been is honsest and frank about what pubcos do to pubs — thousands of pubs are closing all over the UK, our cultural landscape is being changed forever because of these private equity scamming scumbag pubcos and everyone remains surprised when ANOTHER pub bites the dust. The tie is why the Kerfield, The Sterling Castle, Father Red Cap and, oh god, loads of other pubs round here have churned and churned tenants — most of them losing their shirt on the way. Now it’s my turn. It’s frankly amazing it’s taken so long. I thought I would be made bankrupt by the end of 2006. It will be a relief.

  5. I think Grace may have set up a peace camp there. There is an area in the middle where wild gardeners are growing beetroot and the like, with a hand-painted sign so hand-painted that the paint is still dripping down it — the signwriter must have not even laid the sign flat to paint it — declaring the “Heygate Regeneration Project”. As I passed by the other day, one situationist there was boring another with a maundering and atonal discourse on “The Big Society”.

    Anyway, Maude, indeed, don thy bloomers and have a pedal round. One has to be wary of footpads and the like, but it is an awesome experience — in the meaning that we used to use in the old days, dear sister, when we made excursions cycling to the Crystal Palace.

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