New bar, new shops, sad news

Went out for a drink at Communion, the new bar below Angels & Gypsies. It’s very beautiful, taking the religion-themed stained glass approach from the restaurant, and with beautiful furniture. The wife and I were the only punters in there, but as it was very early Sunday evening and the place has only been open since Tuesday, I wouldn’t read too much into that (mind you, they might want to work on their promotion, I didn’t even know they’d opened). The house speciality is cocktails, although I just had a beer so I couldn’t comment on the quality. Anyway, looking forward very much to going back again sometime.

For dinner, went to Kalabash, the Cameroonian/Nigerian restaurant on the corner of Camberwell Grove and Church Street. It’s very no-frills and informal; if you go there expecting any kind of service beyond the basics, you’ll be very disappointed. Most of the customers seemed to be friends of the staff, and it was noisy and vibrant. We shared a plate of Chicken DG, a mountain of barbecue chicken with plantain and peppers, accompanied by an extremely hot chilli sauce (which had the chef crying with laughter when she saw me turning bright red after trying it).  It’s not a place to go if you want an intimate occasion, but for good cheap spicy food I enjoyed it.

You may have noticed that there’s a new cycle superhighway being built through Camberwell at the moment, which will go from New Cross to Vauxhall. It’s already paying dividends for the local economy as TWO cycle shops set to open: Sea Bass Cycles is a workshop and will sell refurbished bikes, while PS Cycles, which has an existing branch in Kennington, will also have a cafe. Both are situated on Church Street and will open soon.

Sadly it’s not all good news on the cycling front, as a 60-year-old man was killed in a collision with a lorry on Camberwell Road today, at the junction with Albany Road. No details beyond that, but a terrible tragedy all the same.

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  1. I had a cocktail in Communion and it was excellent. I think is was called ‘sit down’. I went in about 9pm on Saturday and there were around 20 people in there. A welcome addition. Looking forward to the cycle shops opening! I seem to be getting regular punctures on strategically placed broken bottles. I know that someone around elephant was doing this but it also seems to be closer to home. Its depressing how some people seem to have it in for cyclists.

  2. Strategically placed broken bottles? Is that paranoia, or an actual thing? Rather horrible if that’s what it’s come to.

  3. Pedalled somewhat rawly up to Tate Britain today to see the newly refurbished interior. It’s OK. The new twirly staircase has a funny feature — its first few marble steps are patched where they’ve worn. The patches are different sizes, so at first — naturally enough in a visual arts gallery — you think the patches of different sizes are some kind of poignant detail. But they are just patches — it’s a bit tatty.

    There is a sad exhibition of five modern painters who, except for Simon Ling, are deadly dull. It’s to the Saatchi one must go for brilliant painting these days, Tate Britain is maybe rightly suggesting.

    The death of the cyclist at Albany Road junction is reported in tonight’s Standard. He was a volunteer at Cooltan. He was one of ours. It is very sad. The chap who runs Mary’s Cafe is quoted. He is the nicest chap in the world and his cafe is the best in the world apart from Moloko.

    The peleton of commuters is incredible these days.

    The 12-wheeled trucks are to be avoided. They are part of the London economy, but above all they are absolute beasts. You see one of them, you get out of the way. Sometimes the drivers, up above the world and gathering immense momentum, get carried away.

    Sometimes the cyclists get carried away.

  4. The SE5 FORUM are having their Christmas do at the Cambria on WEDNESDAY 4 DECEMBER. Everyone should go. You just go along and bring yourself from 6pm all evening. All Camberwell dwellers are welcome.

    The Cambria is a palace of delights and no mistake and that’s just the visitors.

    Talking of purple moments, sauve mauve and sudden inklings of eau de nil, Millwall won 1–0 today against Barnsley. OK, it was grim, but it was real. Or teal, maybe.

  5. SATURDAY 30 November 3–6pm LYNDHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL warmly welcomes you to their WINTER FAIR. * Be there or OFSTED will pay you a visit * Mulled wine * Live barbecue * Stalls galore * Live music * Raffle with many many fabulous local eatery prizes *

  6. Jes, you are awful.

    But I like you!

    Yes, I used to look like that and so did my bust, but both of us have since gone “south of the river”.


  7. Enough respect to the lollipop ladies that marshal the area outside Oliver Goldsmith Primary School on Peckham Road.

    They do daily battle with huge trucks and coaches armed only with a bright yellow jacket, a lollipop stick and a ye-shall-not-pass attitude.

    The Lyndhurst School Fair has certainly been well advertised — I’ve seen posters as far a field as Rye Lane! There must be a new marketing and promotions committee.

    It’s maybe getting a little high-end for me. I like the bric-a-brac stand loaded with old junk I don’t want and then a browse through some secondhand books I’ll never read. That’s the essence of a school fair.

    Also, * Live barbecue *, say wuh?

    I did the mulled wine stand last year. That was fun, kind of.

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