Jamaican patties, Greek olives, etc…

Before making the ultimately futile journey to a friend’s house to watch England crash out of the World Cup on Saturday, my wife and I passed by the Arts & Crafts Fair on Camberwell Green.

There were a number of stalls with… well, arts & crafts items. Not much for a man like myself, with simple tastes, but quite a few nice geegaws and trinkets for those of a more flamboyant bent, I’d imagine. I hope it was a success as I’d like to see the idea expand, to take on the aspects of the Camberwell Fair from days of yore. Failing that, to at least be a bit more like Greenwich market. Still, a good start and a decent turnout for it, so fingers crossed.

One thing I’d have liked to see more of would be food (no jokes please, from those that have met me); there was a cream tea shop, but a few stalls selling foods from the many cultures represented in our corner of the world would have been welcome. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I hadn’t had any breakfast.

A few pictures here, here and here.

World Cup fever

The Walworth Road was teeming with joyous Ghanains celebrating their World Cup victory over the USA tonight. I know it’s not really in Camberwell, but it was such a great sight I just had to tell someone about it.

A busy weekend coming up, as Camberwell Arts Festival kicks off, and there’s a summer fete in Ruskin Park to celebrate the reopening of the bandstand.

Here’s an interesting little challenge from SE5Forum.org; how many Camberwell Beauties have you seen around Camberwell?

Where to watch the England match on Sunday? Maybe I’ll try out the Sun & Doves new projector and barbecue food. Mmm… Failing that, it’ll be a bag of pork scratchings in the Cadeleigh Arms.

What’s going on?

I’m back from sunny Bristol. Thanks to everyone who left comments on Bonkersfest!; there are also a number of photos on Flickr. It sounds like it was a lot of fun, and a chance to do something positive with our public space.

Not so much good news in the papers recently; two knifings and an attempted shooting.

Another crime which has made the news is the theft of a caravan from near the College of Arts; this wouldn’t classify as news generally, except that it was for a project by some students, and they’re claiming the council towed it. The council deny this.

It’s Camberwell Arts Week soon, and my second anniversary (blog, not marriage) shortly after.

I’m not Bonkers

My readership continues to delight and amaze me; this shindig almost passed me by. Thanks to Lord Henry for the tip of the hat:

Bonkersfest! 06 takes place on Camberwell Green this Saturday, June 3. There’ll be African dance, Brazilian samba drumming, food, arts and music. Check out the full line‐up on the website; if music’s not your thing there’ll be a ‘comic anarchist punk ranter’ and an ‘eccentric mime poet’. There’ll also be an act called ‘Fuck Off Batman’.

Somewhat typically, I won’t be able to go; I’ll be in Bristol for my friend’s wedding. If anyone would like to write a guest report, please get in touch.

For one night only

I don’t usually do plugs here, but I’ve been asked nicely to let everyone know that there will be a performance of the play The Bogus Woman at the St Giles Centre, Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8RB, on Monday, June 19 at 7.30pm. The play, by Kay Adshead, is a one‐woman show about refugees’ experience in the UK. It has good reviews from leading newspapers and won a fringe award at Edinburgh. Call 07863127050 or 020 7277 4400 for tickets.