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  1. Does anyone know what is happening to the property Kennedy’s )I presume) owned. Does anyone know how to find out?

    By the way, if we had a Camberwell Development Trust it could have bought Kennedy’s, assuming the freehold is available, and Windsor Walk, and a few other key sites around here, and developed our neighbourhood the way we want it to be developed.

  2. My lab has deciphered it.


    I wonder at what point they thought there was more fun in sausages. Perhaps… no.

  3. Usually these kind of gable end signs are positioned to be most obvious to approaching drivers.

    Strangely, this one isn’t; in fact it’s designed to draw the attention to the right of anyone coming out of CNR, while someone else similarly distracted ploughs into their left hand wing.

    RTA on a red route? — south London gridlock is just five minutes away!


  4. That M&S lingerie model has been advertized on the billboard right outside my office window for at least a year now.

    The posters change quite a bit. I’ve seen her in enuff different styles of underwear.

    Can’t think why I posted this. I’m worrying myself now.

  5. D‑MAN do not worry, be proud. That posting’s a sign of red blooded rude health. I’m glad you said pointed out that fine strapping M&S lassie with the feather tickling stick because I didn’t have the nerve. She looks a little jaundiced mind.

  6. Jaundiced mind? That comes from too much masturbation. D‑MAN himself says, “I’m worrying myself now.” I expect these are the first shoots of spring — Mendelsohn, Spring Song, Camberwell Green. Hello, boys!

  7. When I said “worrying myself” that wasn’t meant as euphemism!

    Anyway, they changed it to a Nivea poster now – that brand seems to lead with the natural beauty theme. Reminds me a bit of that “talk to you daughter before the beauty industry does” ad campaign from last year.

  8. Dear all,

    Don’t know how many of you live around us, but thought it worth mentioning that we woke up to the nasty surprise on Tuesday having been burgled whilst we slept on Monday night. They used a credit card to force our Yale lock open.

    So lock up tight!


  9. “They used a credit card to force our Yale lock open” is an old chestnut that “locking up tight” is supposed to protect the household from.

    Commiserations Talfourdite.

  10. The scallies have been round again aggressively selling plastic clothes pegs at extortionate prices, taking a good look around. I have looked up their ex-offender charity and found nothing on the net at the PO Box number given. I’d welcome advice about these fellows and how to deal with them.

  11. We got burgalled (lightly) the other week.

    The PC who came to inspect the aftermath, such as it was, was of the opinion that Yale locks were pretty much useless in keeping out all but the most casual of crooks.

  12. We love the area but we’re feeling pretty crummy at the moment. just to boot
    King’s maternity ward were spectacularly rude to mrs talfourdite about the fact that her notes had been stolen, not a good day for the proud camberwellians that we are.

    ps we normally bolt up securely but forgot on this one occasion. It begs the question of how many times the robbugers have tried and failed?

  13. Bolting up normally: The sash on our bay window at the front had been painted shut for years until a couple of years ago we got it fixed and freed. The first night it was fixed I left it open about an inch — just forgot — and of course we were burgled. That was convenient.

  14. That is pathetic that Kings lost her notes, Talfourd. Been stolen my arse. People don’t steal women’s maternity notes! They lost them. They probably even haven’t. Kings is a top place — this “theft” is unusual, in my view. The staff and unit are the best in the country.

    Any burglary is a hell of an instrusion and beyond reason upsetting. The youth or “yoot” whose bums get burgled at Feltham feel it keenly. They long to go there, they crave it.

    Blimey, I’m going barmy!

    Anyway, burglary + pregnancy is not a good combination and you and your missus should feel well supported by all us sane-minded Camberwellians,

  15. I was woken up a couple of months ago by a bloke trying to pick the lock of our front door. It sounded like he had almost succeeded, but fortunately I had a deadlock and a chain for good measure. He scooted off when I turned the light on. Doors should be double-locked in Camberwell, I’m afraid.

  16. Dagmar reminds me what I forgot, and apologies for not saying so already: commiserations Talfourdites, fortunately though time does heal and children help speed the process.

    http://www.se5forum.orIf anyone reading here knows the history of Clubland on Walworth/Camberwell Road there’s an enquiry on the SE5 Forum site about it: g/forum/index.php/topic,741.msg3577.html#msg3577

  17. Talfourdite sorry to hear about what happened.
    post 22 & 23 Get something that barks 5 years in Tottenham and 2 years in Camberwell seems to have worked for me so far.
    Opportunist burgalars tend not to go to the house/flat with all the noise, they do however go for my nieghbours who don’t have a dog. 2 in the last 2 months both ground floor flats both in the night accessed at the back.

  18. Quiet contentment in Camberwell this afternoon.

    Everyone to preoccupied with Mark’s fit bird’s photos to chat perhaps?

  19. Fit bird chat? I was walking today in the bright sunshine with my daughter of 21 months, teaching her English. “That’s a magpie, it goes cha-cha-cha. What is it?” “A pigeon.” “What colour is this brown cat?” “Blue.” And so on.

    We were walking around what estate agents call the “toast rack” of Denman, Talfourd, Bushey Hill, Crofton and Shenley roads. In the vicinity were fresh smashed car windows with stereos nicked. They are great streets, though. We later saw a garden full of big daisies in a 1930s house near the top of Dog Kennel Hill, even in cold late January — suddenly, a garden full of big sub-arctic daisies.

    In Warwick Gardens we saw heavy, long trains go by. The locomotives are often quite old, from BR stock, with their original names. I say, “Look, there’s Vaughan Williams”, for instance. For indeed, the engine, she is he. My girl, she takes note, I think, but usually just sings.

  20. Just heard that Southwark are threatening to close the livesey children’s Museum on the old kent road. That’s a bit rough. Anyone else use it?

  21. The Livesey museum’s great — we’ve been there several times and know a couple of people who do classes there and really rate it. It’s out on a limb though. More toys/carpet/mobile@diy than cerebral/education Land along there.

  22. so sorry to hear about all the burglaries that have been happening… I hope that these ones are included in the ’10 or so’ that the nice PC told us about a couple of weekends back when we were also done over.

    ‘light theiving’ is what I would describe happened to us — a laptop and a bike, but needless to say the insurance company isn’t having any of it because we don’t have the right sort of window locks…

    All of the ones I have heard about around Wilson Road have been through the gardens and back windows… so make sure you have them properly locked and bolted.

    Burglaries are a FAFF. And my brother who is a PC reckons you are likely to be hit again quite soon after — just long enough after for you to replace your stuff. Nice.

    I still love Camberwell tho. And my house. Just wish the pesky buggers
    could keep their thieving fingers to themselves.…

  23. The Livesey is OK but a bit flimsy in my view — they do great things considering the money they have or haven’t. Really, it should get lottery money whatever, because it could be a great place in one of the really dog-poorest parts of SE London. That area has loads of kids and needs a place where children can be taken for various reasons. The money spent is a big investment.

    It’s exactly the same as Camberwell Baths — seems not worth saving, then a few years down the line you find there’s nothing in the area but boring franchises selling daft chicken.

  24. There’s a planning application in for the former Bank of Cypress (comfortably large site prominent on Denmark Hill next to the recently dead Kennedys) to become a Coral betting shop.

    This positive leap in Camberwell’s climb up the greasy ladder of progress certainly gets my vote. I’ll be writing to Southwark with my endorsement and will send a letter of congratulation to Coral’s head office too, complimenting them on their vision and foresightedness.

  25. *Give em’ booze and betting shops! That’s all they understand, Oh and a plethora of chemists to help provide some more drugs for all the negative side-effects it creates…

    *Official Southwark Town Hall policy for all the citizen’s of Camberwell

    We need to organize a Coup d’etat and take the power back — bring back more competent, smaller local authorities …I’m sure Dulwich and Peckham would be better off too…

  26. The woman I spoke to at the
    livesey said the exhibition budget LBS gave them is 5k a year. I guess that’s behind the flimsiness. I think the livesey is one of those slightly odd and ropey gems you get round here — like the cuming, or the horniman — that add to the richness of the place. great shame if it went.

  27. Hey Guru

    pardon my ignorance, but can local authorities halt the growth of betting shops other than through stopping sites changing their usage classification? i thought [perhaps pessimistically] not. but if authorities can stop betting shops per se, how can we encourage them to do so? your guidance please!

  28. I’m with you in the coup, Eusebiovic, I mean behind you — a long way behind — wearing a plastic colander on my head and wielding a plastic spatula.

    That’s what I mean, Florian, the Livesey does well on its tiny budget. They’ve had some fun shows there. I agree, the odder & ropier the better. The Cuming is great for odd and rope.

    What the Livesey needs is a City sponsor — the museum becomes the Societe Generale Livesey, for instance, and lives on as beacon, or icon, of corporate sponsorship for children in poor areas. Actually, if many companies knew the potential value of the Livesey in that area — value for money as well — a lot would stump up and it wouldn’t take that much.

    Of course, for it to become an icon or beacon it needs a vision.

  29. The info I was given about the betting shop application might be out of date rumour. I found this on Southwark’s planning site:

    Location: 14 DENMARK HILL, LONDON, SE5 8RZ
    Proposal: Variation of condition 2 [restricting use to that of a building society or bank] of planning permission dated 3/10/1984 [application no. 1281–84 for use of ground and first floors as a bank] to allow use of the premises as a betting office [within Use Class A2].
    Statutory start date: 27/04/2007
    Decision issued: Refused.

    However I’ll check with my friend again just to see.

    It’s another site a Development Trust might have been able to get hold of.

    Did I mention that I heard the freehold of The Castle pub on Castlemead is up for sale offers in the region of 1.5 million.

  30. CITIZEN DODDS! Your phrase about the defunct sausage shops “dead Kennedys” (Posting No.36) did not go unguffawed at in the Dagmar family.

    Well done, you slipped that in nice and neat, as we say in Denmark. You naughty boy!

    I was in the Peckham Rye Lane (main shopping street) charity shop recently and there were two young punk men there dressed exactly as in the early 1980s with safety pins and the like in their heads and clothing, one with a dead Kennedys t‑shirt safety-pinned to his towelling nappy arrangement.

    One of them bumped into my Netto bag of cheap food and apologised.

    I am serious! Like ghosts, they were gents.

    Still, the sign taped to the Denmark Hill shop window “Alex Kennedy Established 1877” is extremely poignant. Anyone who knows the real Camberwell knows that this is the end.

  31. sad but I reckon for once it’s not Camberwell that put the Kennedy’s out of business, they just weren’t keeping up with the times. They could of though. They just didn’t. Greggs have kept up with the times (not in a way I like) but they are still here and they started in Gosforth in Newcastle a very LONG time ago.

  32. The thing I worry about with these online petitions is data privacy. Presumably you should use your own name and a real postcode, or it won’t be valid.

    But then who knows where all this data goes and how it’s used?

    Maybe I’ll make-up a name and use someone else’s postcode.

  33. 45 — Mark,

    I agree with your point about Kennedy’s

    I was very sad to see their demise but they didn’t move with the times…What with the recent trend for more traditional sausages made with a high percentage of good meat, they could of raised their game and made the effort to put themselves on the map.

    Their shops just needed minimal cosmetic attention, but the range and quality provided could have definetely been improved

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