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  1. I anyone going to the Camberwell Comuunity Council Meeting tonight at 7pm in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall?

  2. Our eldest just got a flier through the post for the “X Marks The Spot” hands-on exhibition at the Livesey. It looks good. Especially because I like maps.

    It’s always a really impressive exhibit there. More so if they only have £5k budget. We visit often.

    Anyway, there’s a letter with it showing all the names and contact info of the councilors to harangue about this. Kind of long to type out by hand, so if anyone knows where this can be found online, that’d help.

    The nutshell is, you have until February 11 to complain. The decision will be taken on February 12 at a 7:00pm meeting.

    I’ll be phoning each of them directly to make my point. Might even go down there as Dagmar suggests.

  3. The Livesey currently has a skeleton, decapitated head, and eviscerated corpse on display — so they could form the scary vanguard of a protest march come riot? Hey Peter, I think I overtook you on your Claud Butler heading up Walworth Road at about 9am yesterday. What a grim leg of the journey that is. Seems the whole development has been designed to hinder, cars, buses, pedestrians and cyclists equally. Dig ’em in.

  4. @Florian: Sounds like it was me, yes; was I singing? I usually sing to make the journey go faster. I’ve found the Walworth Rd generally better since the works finished, but this week it’s been rough again.

    If you see me again, give me a big wave and shout “love the blog!”; that always makes my day.

  5. Love Me, Love my Blog was a 1970s pop song wasn’t it.

    The Camberwell Community Council meeting was due to discuss transpport. Did anyone go?

    Talking of transport I saw Wagner go past today, the old diesel locomotive, pulling a vast number of huge containers, most of which were bound for Bari in Italy.

    Some wag had deleted the letter “n” so the illustrious great big diesel beast was named “Wager” on one side.

    I have emailed my councillors about the Livesey. It may seem peripheral and unnecessary, the Livesey, but the word shame is looming large over the town hall right now, in my view.

    I we can’t fund a children’s museum amongst the estates of the Old Kent Road then let us march on the temples of Mammon and raze them to the ground.

  6. Southwark Council in making a pig’s ear of Old Kent Road shocker…

    Well I never! Because they have done such a grand job of preserving it’s character and history in the past haven’t they?

    And now the Livesey, one of the few gems that they have not yet sabotaged is set to close and no doubt be replaced by a warehouse selling crap to the masses…Which they will be happy about and think that’s it’s an improvement to the profile of the road and to the life of the people who have to live there

    What people travelling from Europe through Dover must think when they drive up that road and consider the Town Hall’s unique “vision” (moulded by unregulated free market forces)

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